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Travel tips make the process so much easier. Any many of us have lots to share.  With my being a way so much for work. Ive learned a few things about traveling and keeping it stress free. Tom Payne,  graciously asked me to share a few  #TravelTips on his blog . I posted this out earlier from my Twitter account @FVStrona,  #MentorSFCA but sharing here as well.

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And it’s A Whirlwind Saturday

What a whirlwind.

Two parties in one day during an already emotionally overwhelming day of “push back” against political extremists, and while a hugely important topic – it’s being covered elsewhere so back to the good stuff for now.

Paul’s work picnic went over well, even with warm temps and my having to grill. In the end lots of great foods including a new favorite local find; bbq from City Smoke House. 

It may be some of the best local bbq I have had in some time. I think they will be appearing at a house party for sure!.

City Smoke House

City Smoke House,

Between the grilled chicken, corn, hot links and a few burgers for the young ones and the bbq, salads, fruit everyone ate well and took “doggy bags” home- even the ride home from Tilden Park was quick with little traffic coming back into the city.

And yes, that is a quick read thermometer In my hand. Doesn’t everyone carry one to a bbq? 😱


So much for a day off…

So we all love a day off. I know next week is going to be a bear of a week with writing – but I didn’t think today we be this full. It was the annual prep and cook day for Paul’s office picnic tomorrow. Thank goodness for Shadow helping today! (Rumor has it, I’m grill master too tomorrow).

Day “to do”

For our “bring” entree, a simple Chicken & Veggie egg bake with a caramelized onion bbq chutney. Then because the vegetables looked so good, some “quick pickled veggies”, a Fennel, Kale and Orange salad and for our  “bake off” entry; while not the more elaborate Chocolate Cherry Bread I mentioned in the past  this is an easier, no knead variation I made earlier in the week, got repurposed into a Bread Pudding with an orange zest cream cheese topping.

Then we needed to prep a quick Pear Cornmeal Cake with Rosemary Syrup for the other Paul’s birthday picnic that happens right after my Paul’s work one.












Monday Night “No Fry” Fried Egg Pizza

Some nights I just don’t have it in me to want to cook a full out meal. So it becomes one of those “discussions”. Eat out or forage. Luckily Paul likes or rather “loves” his eggs. So thats pretty much an easy fix for him. On the down side, our house we rent, doesnt have the best air flow inthe kitchen – so some cooking smells tend to linger. Especially foods that get fried.

So this is an adapted “fried egg” meal two ways; one straight forward and one nestled on a cornmeal pizza crust ( you can use any premade or even fresh dough as well).

Its really a pretty basic recipe and so easy – I didnt even take a lot of pre-prep images – so you are stuck with just the end results.

No fry, "fried egg pizza"; Crust Optional

A surprisingly easy way to make eggs, especially for those of us who have poor ventilation in the kitchen, but still want that effect of fried eggs. the addtional of a pizza crust, also means no extra toast.

  • 2-3 Eggs (Depends on your preference.)
  • 1/4-1/2 cup Chopped vegetables and meats (This is the perfect dish for leftovers)
  • 1/4-1/2 cup Chopped cheeses (Use what ever you have)
  • 2-3 tsp Grated Parmesan cheese
  • Spray cooking spray (I use either olive oil or regular style)
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • Chopped Fresh Herbs (Optional or if on hand)
  • 1/2 tsp Dried or fresh parsley or cilantro
  1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. If you have a pizza stone, use it and put it in the oven now to heat

  2. Using a small oven proof skillet (remember the handle will be in the overn so have mitts ready or a silecone handle)

  3. Spray the skillet bottom and sides, liberally with cooking spray (I tend to use the olive oil version, but any will do)

  4. Crack two to three eggs into the cold, sprayed skillet

  5. Gently top with sliced ham, vegetables, cubes of cheese, dried herbs etc. But try to leave the tops of the yolks free.

  6. Sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese all over, including the yolks.

  7. Add salt & pepper to taste

  8. Move the setting on the oven to broil, high setting.

  9. Place the skillet on center of the top rack.  Cook for 6 to 10 minutes depending on how you like your eggs. At about five (5) minutes, remove the pan and gently tap the side of it against your palm to loosen the eggs from the bottom of the pan.

  10. When the eggs are done and the Parmesan cheese is browned, remove from the oven, slide onto a warm plate.

    Top with Saracha or Tabasco sauce, any fresh herbs and you’re good to go 

How to make the version with a crust;

  1. Use a pre-baked, small personal size pizza  (fresh dough or premade corn meal ones, even bobali’s) place on a pizza stone (or on foil right on the rack) in a preheated oven at 425 for 10 min.

  2. Remove the pizza stone and crust from the oven.  Top with a thin layer of flavored cream cheese spread (I use the cream cheese and chive spread).

  3. Turn on the broiler sitting on the oven to high

  4. Now it plays out the same as above; add assorted sliced/chopped meats vegetables and addtional cheese. Crack an egg or two in the center of the crust (they will shift a bit). Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Add salt and pepper to taste.

    Return “pizza” to the oven, on the top rack for 6 – 8 min (or the eggs are to your taste)

    When the eggs are done and the Parmesan cheese lightly browned remove from the oven, slide onto the plate.

    Top with Saracha or Tabasco sauce, any fresh herbs and you’re good to go

Ptown Week 2 recap and home again

I can’t believe how fast the second week went. but I can believe how much work I came home too

So how did the rest of the week go?  Pretty much the same as week 1!

Mornings I spent at Joe’s Cafe trying to draft out notes for the first two journal article due at the end of the month.  On several occasions, we enjoyed the great foods from Chach (luckily I don’t mind eating in the same places if I like the food) as the other guys liked it as well., we continued to ride the bikes, sometimes some of our road longer than others. Lots of the time we grabbed lunch at the condo to take advantage of the weather.

From Connie’s Bakery, I scored a day old fresh loaf of bread so french toast made a visit this year on the deck. (FYI: both Connie’s and Joes offer day old parties in the am. the best part is they come wrapped in plastic to easy to grab a quick snack for later). But many of sweets and sandwiches they offer are reasonably priced and great tasting.

Other highlights of week two included a few meals at the Burger Queen shack – while set up as fast carry out food – meets the quality of many of the more formal ones. (or as in the case of the Mayflower; exceeds it) and the Canteen which with its new expanded back area makes for a great casual place to hang out and eat.

We even get everyone to tackle the Provincetown’s Pilgrim Monument on one of the few gray days. If you have never been – it is well worth a visit. While the Monument itself is a nice walk – the museum also offers a changing collection of history and art.

We took in a beachside jazz night at Herring Cove and got to enjoy the casual mid week time with vacationers and locals alike that ended with a great seaside bonfire.

Of course, we also saw our pal Varla Jean Merman and her new show Bad Heroine (go see it when it comes to a city new you!)

The trip home on Saturday was mostly uneventful on our part. Just a long process and we were ready to get home. Luckily the folks at the Marriott let us park our bags for a few hours while we took in the sites near the waterfront in Boston, then it was off to Boston Logon airport.






Ryan Landry’s “GREECE” by way of Provincetown

A few words from Ryan Landry

We got to see the very funny and quick witted Ryan Landry’s show “GREECE” last night at the Fishermans Hall (the backside of Provincetown High School). The new performance space will bring you back to school stage performances, and serves as a backdrop for an amazing opportunity to add to an already history rich entertainment portfolio from Landry and the Gold Dust Orphans.  The show was the usual “how do they think of this” mashup of themes (something I look forward to each year)  that creates a carnival of fun in one setting. Plenty of talent in this years cast, with over the top costumes and tight scripting made for a fun night overall.

The new and still growing space, has air conditioning (you may want to bring a sweatshirt- yes it works that well) and a still developing sound and light system that will definitely raised the “story to life”.
Now for those of you who recall its old location; gone is the long walk, limited car and bike parking. Instead, Fisherman Hall (12 Winslow St.) is a short walk from pretty much anywhere in town, and offers easy parking to boot.

Getting to “GREECE”

A little spicy seafood pasta for dinner at Sal’s Place

Staying in the West End, and after a lovely dinner at Sal’s Place, we simply took a short walk down Commercial Street and hung a right on Carver (at the Crews Quarters) then left on to Bradford (past the Gifford House Inn). Several blocks later, is a short set of steps which is the back walkway up to the High School Parking lot at Prince & Bradford.  Really – it is that simple. Then just look for the “Fisherman”! at the building end of the parking lot.

The show runs Sundays through September 3rd. Tickets are available at House of LaRue or online at:

The Fisherman on the wall

For more information on “GREECE” or other GDO shows:

Visit: the Gold Dust Orphans/ website, or on the GDO Facebook page and other social media at  Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat  and learn how you can donate to keep the creative arts in Provincetown


Settling In and stuff

Settling in at the Cove each summer is always a whirlwind for the first few days, but rarely lasts long. On this trip, we also have a few friends here – so its added some fun additional options.

After a very long coach ride into Provincetown on Saturday . It was nice to just sit back and breath.

Come Sunday we were in full vacation mode. Bikes needed to get rented for the next two weeks, as that makes  being able to go to Stop & Shop for groceries much more doable.

So we made the short walk up to the road to PTownBikes   (Address: 42 Bradford St, Provincetown, MA 02657, Phone: (508) 487-8735). After getting our annual “rules of the road” reminders, we were off for a short ride to Herring Cove  to show the boys around that end of the town.

After we got back from the ride, it was nap time for the boys – so I had some time to connect with local friends and get the skinny on the season and the annual “what do you want to do for activities” ticket discussion begins.

Once we were all refreshed and we had enough coffee in us. Yes, I had made sure to run by Joe’s Coffeeshop (170 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657) . You can check out Joe’s Facebook page for more on this little slice of Provincetown. It was time for the dreaded Stop & Shop run.

So, empty backpacks ready,  we got on the bikes and took to the store for supplies to get us through a few days. While we always love eating out – being here in a unit with a kitchen allows me the luxury to also cook some of the days. Especially those when we just don’t want to deal with the crowds. (Note: first time to Ptown? Don’t shop on Saturday if you can avoid it – that’s turnover day in town and usually a mad house. We tend to go later Sunday or even better on Monday am when we can).

It was still early when we got back, so everyone hit the deck for some late rays, while I went in to think about dinner. For tonight, we went with marinated (yes – with bottled italian salad dressing, along with some ginger beer added for zing) to toss on the grill, grilled sweet potatoes and quick pickled carrots.

After dinner we took the first official “ice cream” walk to close out the day.


Come Monday, we were all in “vaca mode”. I tend to wake up early, so generally out with the camera  walking around by 6:15 then heading back to Joe’s coffeeshop around seven. Spent a few hours drafting some notes for a journal article then met up with Brent and Josh before walking back to the house to figure out the game plan for the day.

All in all, it was just a very nice relaxing day at the Cove; lots of sun and catching up. We ended up eating lunch in doing that old standard “make yourself sandwiches” since we knew that evening we will be going to a show and dinner.

After all getting showered we went over to the Canteen (225 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657) for dinner, one of my favorite of the small places here in Ptown. A nice assortment of fresh and fried foods and probably the best crispy brussels sprouts we’ve had. They do their brussels sprouts cooked to get fried crispy and then top it with the vinegar fish sauce working with the natural flavor of the smoky sprout. The
other guys went with some basic fish and chips,  I opted for “fish fries”, a.k.a. fried smelts.

After dinner, we walked over the Crown and Anchor where we checked out an early show of the Generations Project ( Part of a new intergenerational, transnational LGBT queer storytelling project that hopes to serve as a bridge between older and younger folks by sharing different stories frint points in our lives (coming out, risk, dating etc.). Tonight’s specifically highlighted the stories related to Ptwn.

After a really well-done show, we once again took a walk so the men could get ice cream and I splurged at the Portuguese Bakery (299 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657) for a pastry; Malasada is  the Portuguese version of a “fried dough” treat. Italians grow up with a similar version serves on Sundays or at street fairs. As they do with the italian version – they cover it with sugar hot out of the grease.

On Tuesday

Paul’s parents were scheduled to come down on the 11 o’clock ferry, so after getting up and doing a few hours of work I went back to the unit and made some breakfast for all of us. 

Then we took a nice leisurely stroll to the ferry for his mom and Eddie. Looking for something to do that wouldn’t require them to walk as much, we decided to make use of the new Provincetown Mayflower Trolley tour.

What a great ride. We were able to get to a bunch of locations with the tour we hadn’t checked out before. While we heard some really interesting stories and history of the people who founded Provincetown. Not to mention learning about the environment & ecological structure.  Overall well worth the money for the $20 tickets and I would reccomemd to anybody who’s never been here to take advantage of it. And I got a recipe to try as well!

We caught sight of some fun street based art that often can be found tucked away in nooks and crannies.