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After enjoying a 20+ year career as an innovator and agent of change in public health, the last 10 years of which focused heavily on employing technology to increase access to education, information, and programs, I continue to enjoy opportunities to reframe my experience. Always exploring ways widen my unique perspective in the private sector and leverage my expertise in the areas of content development and management, curricula design and training, program coordination, and relationship management to contribute to a forward-thinking, innovative organization. As a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidate in the area of Creative Inquiry and Transformative Studies, I hold a solid background in integrated philosophies and professional management methodologies, including study of a vast array of organizational models. What’s more, I love to use practical, hands-on experience designing and delivering educational programs that appropriately meet the needs of adult learners as well as creating, adapting, and disseminating content to multiple stakeholders.

I have been lucky enough to be able to blend my passions in technology and training with my efforts distance and online training/education and interactive social media and BiteTheRoad allows me the chance to add my third passion of making food that feeds people not only via the stomach, but the mind, the heart and soul.

You can find more about my professional side by visiting me at MentorSF or my digital and social media blog at ByteThisSM. But for the most part Bite The Road is really my world outside of work  – especially how I see food, cooking and travel.  You can follow Bite The Road here or on its fan page on Facebook Facebook.com/BiteTheRoad

Fromtime to time when I get inspired I share reviews of various foods, items of interest for entertaining and more. On some occasions, they are things I have come across, while others I have been asked to review or share about. When that is the case, I will always let you know up front. You can also check out my privacy policy for more information.

Here’s my digital landscape:

My Vizify.com Links

My Vizify.com Links

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