Food Memories; Telling Our Story

Food Memories – we all have them.

Some good, some even not so good and yet even those get triggered when you hear stories of food or taste a dish from your past.

Mom’s Annual Christmas Cookie tray prep table

I wanted to add a new feature to BiteTheRoad this fall, and decided to use a more “crowd sourced” approach with a new guest feature called ‘Food Memories’. I concieved this as a way to share a larger scope of unique stories through the common experience of food and eating and invite others to help. You can also read my initial post about Food Memories here.

Yes, everyone is welcome to particapate. From the novice to more experienced blogger, the home cook to the professional. This isn’t a feature about the right ways to do things, instead, it is about the power of memories and our relationship with food. Each guest storyteller will share personal themes of food related memories, recipes, moments of healing, love, transitions and reflection and post them during the next few months. We will use the hashtag #FoodMemories2017 and all guest posts will be featured on the BiteTheRoad website and on its companion Facebook page I will also share it out via my twitter account @FVStrona,  the BitetheRoad Tumblr and  Instagram pages and of course I encourage you to share your post to your networks.

I even set a hashtag for us all to use: #FoodMemories2017

How can you particapate in Food Memories 2017 edition?

It’s simple – have a desire to share something that means something to you. Decide how and what you want to share.  

Now,  use the contact form below to send me an email that you would like to share a story. Together we then determine what it is you have to share and how much help you need preparing it for posting. The conversation we are likely to have, either by phone, skype, or by email will include;

  • Is it a memory? a recipe?
  • Does it include images? video?
  • Do you want to write the blog, will you need help with eiditing? Would you rather record it on video?
  • Do you want to include a picture of yourself?

Lets get started and share that food memory for the #FoodMemories2017 edition