Castro’s Woodhouse Fish Company

Growing up in the East Coast but living here now over 20 years, I still get a urge for a few distinct foods that I always find hard time getting here. Fried clams with the belly is one of them. So when woodhouse first moved into the neighborhood we noticed that it was on the menu right off. It’s one of the reasons we continually go back. But it had been a while, so tonight was a perfect rainy night to stop in for dinner. I have to say the super friendly staff, make it easy to be out after a long week. Food wise, we had the clam chowder and the fried belly clams for our starters tonight and they were exactly the way we craved; the chowder was rich, creamy and hot and the clams were hot, crunchy and still tasted like clams. For entrées tonight we had fish and chips and I had their grilled stuffed artichokes with small shrimp on the other side with crab on salad greens. Now, word tp the wise, it’s the kind of place where the people sitting next to you are likely to ask what you’re eating, or laughing at “overheard comments”. So f you like privacy while dining, it’s a small place. The tables are kind of close– much easier just to go and have a time of it. It often has a crowd here so plan for a wait if you go after 730 on the weekends. But go!

2073 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114