5 Local Things Not To Miss in San Francisco

Some local things to do in San Francisco

The United States is filled with great cities to visit during your travels, but few of them can top the majestic beauty of San Francisco. Whether you are there for the weekend or much longer, you will always find something fun to do in the city. These are the five things you must not miss during your time in San Francisco.

Alcatraz Island

The iconic prison that held Al Capone is located on a small island just 1.25 miles off the coast of San Francisco. The excellent audio tour provides a detailed history of the prison as you walk around at your own pace. You will also get to experience some of the best views of the city while taking the ferry to the island. Note: It is important to plan ahead for this one as tickets sell out fast. Visit here for information on tickets and further details

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is a small neighborhood located near the water that is filled with enough attractions to fill the entire day. There is no better place to enjoy a fresh seafood meal than Fisherman’s Wharf. Watching the sea lions on the pier, visiting the shops and enjoying the beautiful environment are a few of the other popular activities in the area. One of the best parts of this visit – is its easy to get to using our SFMTA trolly or bus systems. Visit the SFMTA for details on tickets, maps and more

AT&T Park

If you are visiting San Francisco in the summer, then there is no better way to spend your time than watching the Giants play at AT&T Park. The picturesque stadium was originally constructed in 2000, and it is widely regarded as one of the best spots to watch a baseball game because of its views of the San Francisco Bay.

Asian Art Museum

San Francisco is the home to a lot of award-winning museums, but none of them can surpass the Asian Art Museum. This wonderful museum has more than 2,500 pieces of art on display at all times. Some of the pieces date back more than 6,000 years. In addition to the permanent collection, the museum regularly hosts special exhibits that display rare pieces that are rarely seen out of Asia.

Golden Gate Bridge

This orange suspension bridge dates back to 1933, and it is easily one of the most famous landmarks in the world. Riding a bike across the mile-long bridge is one of the best ways to fully appreciate this architectural marvel. Fog regularly obstructs the view of the bridge, so plan your visit accordingly.

Other great places to plan a visit to while in town include the Academy of Science, The Winchester Mystery House, and the Exploratorium.

These five attractions are just a small reason why San Francisco is considered one of the best cities in the world. Visiting these iconic spots will ensure your trip is a success, but be prepared never to want to leave. You might also want to visit my post on places to eat which I try to update every few months.



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What A Day! So much for a quiet uneventful weekend

That would be the smoke we followed then passed after our 5:50 pm flight got cancelled due to mechanical issues after boarding. Oh yea, that and two of the flight crew going down and being removed by EMT’s with heat stroke as we were asked to disembark ..
So after hearing Alaska Airlines plan for resceduling folks, it was another car rental, then off to dinner, and a drive to LA and a few hours sleep at the Renaissance Marriott, to be able to catch rebooked Virgin America flight at 6:50 am Tues am. Either that or stay in PS another day or two. Given we could only get waitlisted on the 5pm Tues Alaska Airlines flight or confirmed on the 5pm Wed one.

Other than that snag, we had a great few “disconnect” at our favorite “home away from home” at the Triangle Inn, in Palm Springs.

Kept the trip low key with temperatures from 98 – 120+. Which meant lots of pool time

And eating at our fav spots when we could drag ourselves out of the water long enough.

Now this is a glass of Iced Tea!

A Chicken Parm sandwhich

Need I explain

More liquids

Spencer’s for brunch

Spencer’s for brunch

Sensing a theme yet?


Don’t let the summers end, mean you can’t still eat like its a day at the fair

On his September 2016 website post- fav food traveler and culture cuisine explorer Andrew Zimmern posted a great list of Classic Fair recipes; I think I have my winter blahs recipes well in hand now!

Give it a read at: Classic State Fair Dishes To Make at Home  Also check out his website for his Recipes, his own blog aka Editorials and follow him on Twitter at @andrewzimmern or on Instagram @chefaz

All images are from the article and posting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of the fun things I caught on his site I caught was the AZ Canteen, which according to the man himself; “That’s why I’ve created AZ Canteen. This carefully curated menu showcases some inspired versions of the best food items I’ve discovered on the road. From a Nicaraguan shaved ice that I’ve seen only once outside of Central America, to goat sausage grinders (one of the most delicious meats on the planet!) made with an exclusive cabrito blend from my friend Pat LaFrieda, these foods resonated with me and I’m thrilled to share my culinary experiences with you.”

@AZCanteen is an   food adventure

And because he isn’t busy enough; he also launched Foodworks Inc. and check out his Podcasts

It’s happening again! #Ptown24

I got a chance to participate in this last year and I have to say it was really a lot of fun. Seeing other folks images that had been in similar places over the course of day, taken over different times and angles.

It really resonates with the diversity and history that Provincetown offers and how we all saw things differently, but when packaged together for those 24 hours create a cohesive story.

Any of you local peeps or those of you planning to be on vacation in town August 24th think about taking part #PTown24 . It’s really easy to participate and you help build a part of local history as well as capture moments in time.
Share the word

Sponsored by Provincetown Community Television and LIPTV, special thanks to the #Ptown24 folks whose contributions appear in this video!

The Canteen is not to be overlooked

Canteen was one of the suprises when they first opened in 2013 that has managed to keep it a favorite casual meal spot. With its rough and simple “shake-like chaos” to the incredible fresh and vibrant flavors – Canteen is always a perfect way to each and people watch. One of the signature dishes is the fried brussels sprouts. In fact that was was usually brings us in. They manage to do make the smoky, crispy and tender all at the same time. It’s like “vegetable crack”. 1001572_10201541924447545_1570023088_n-2

But on this trip it was all about the hot  “lobster roll”. While some folks prefer the cold kind blended with mayo – I much prefer my warm (barely cooked) and dressed with butter.  In this Canteen blew us away. Often time we here people refer lobster meat as being “sweet’. Generally it’s not and an imagebe rubbery and tough. Canteen manages to bring the sweetness out, kisses its with butter and lovingly scoop it into the grilled role. This is a “not to miss” dish.  Note: they have a back eating area that often time people miss.. so don’t be turned away if you don’t see seating in the front.

Check them out on Facebook or visit them on the web at thecanteenptown.com or Yelp

225 Commercial Street
Provincetown, MA 02657

Open lunch and dinner
11 AM-11 PM
No reservations

Cafe Heaven

While always a good standard when we visit, Cafe Heaven with it’s new Bar area, has a new vibe to it, that definitely works. We stopped by for dinner one night and couldn’t have been happier. The food was dead on. We started with my favorite dish in most resturant’s – but one that I know is big enough here to serve as lunch or a lite supper. The Antipasto, nothing on it feels tossed on, cheap or low end. For dinner we went to basics with my having the Shrimp  & Grits; with aa sweet, sour, sticky glaze meets sauce spicy with chorizo and Paul jumped in with a broccoli & chicken penne pasta. Now Paul being Paul, the only comment I heard was; “it could use more broccoli”. Him and that green stuff.

I can honestly say these shots don’t do the dishes credit – so get you butt over to find out!

For more on Cafe Heaven:

199 Commercial StUnit 10Provincetown, MA 02657-2126, (508) 487-9639


Ptown date 08.01.16

Sorting out our “must sees” this am; already top on the list is my pal, Varla Jean Merman’s “A Little White Music” and Varla & Ryan’s “Brown is the new Pink“. Last night, we took in Dina Martini’s show, to a full crowd at the Crown & Anchor.

Also on the list is several new shows & restaurants we had wanted to check out is Saints & Strangers (a take on the book, Saints and Strangers – Being the Lives of the Pilgrim Fathers & Their Families, with Their Friends & Foes: & and Account of Their Posthumous Wanderings in Limbo, Their Final Resurrection & Rise to Glory, & the Strange Pilgrimages of Plymouth Rock),  as well as  a few old favorites like a grown up date night  at Jimmy’s Hideaway and hopefully next week dinner at the Red Inn

One we won’t be able to see is The Calamari sisters  at the Sage Inn, as we found out they had been cancelled for the summer due to health issues.

Capped off last night with one of our favorite Monday night activities by hitting the Showgirls show at the A-House. While you never know what will happen – even tonight took the cake when a “sword swallower” came up on stage…

Getting down to the business of vacation.

After a truly crazy last few months; traveling between San Francisco and Washington DC on the assignment I am on for the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues the last week of getting ready for our annual Provincetown vacation almost put me over the edge. Luckily the knowing that in a few short days we would once again be in one of our favorite places to essentially do little else than relax, eat, ride bikes, catch up for pals and in Paul’s case, sleep. But before I could leave; finish a few work projects, get the house cleaned, Dino had to be taken to Hightail, finished laundry, write the “house rules” up for a guest house-sitter and pack.

Getting an early start on Friday, I took off out of SFO on a 7:00 am Virgin flight, and while a crowded flight, it was essentially uneventful. I made sure I have my treats for the ride and enough juice on the Kindle Oasis that I recently acquired, with its extended batter cover – I was all set to go.

The nice thing about the west coast to east coast flight is that if you leave early enough, you can get in mid afternoon and have enough time to settle in. After getting my bag, I grabbed a cab over to meet Paul at the Residence Inn Marriott’s Downtown/Seaport facility. The renovated urban building, is clean, bright and well worth its hefty night fee – but its no more expensive than other hotels in the area. Figured I earned all those points, might as well get some use of them. We also found that by staying in Boston overnight – we can take the Saturday afternoon ferry to P’town and already be on the way to relaxing.

Once we got settled – the unspoken plan, is pizza! One of our favorites is Regina’s Pizza. This little, mad-house is not for the “faint of heart”. It’s busy, the wait staff robust and full of personality and the pies rock. The other best part is after, you get to walk the neighborhoods and hit some of the older Italian pastry shops for some regional fav’s I miss, not to mention the occasional “on no they didn’t” item…

One that we often stop at is Brova’s Bakery, with it’s wide assortment of cookies, cakes, and cannoli’s as well as savory treats like stromboli’s.


Waking up early, had a lazy morning with breakfast at Flour, and I stopped next door to check out the Bees Knees Supply company, we packed up and took a nice walk over to the ferry. Couldn’t ask for a better travel daythe weather in the east coast has been hot and sticky but it broke the other day and we lucked out with sunny, humidity in the 60’s and temps in the 80’s.

Once getting getting into P’town and checking in at the Fisherman’s Cove, our home away from home” for the next two weeks; we were unpacked, sorted out and “living” as if we hadn’t ever left. After running a few errands, like getting some “hair of the dog” coffee at Wired Puppy; we figured it a good time to eat before the crowds hit and we went with our old standard, Local 186 for burgers. Eating early meant that “someone” would be ready for an evening walk that was sure to include ice cream.


If you are interested in my  actual comments on the actual places; I generally review them in greater detail on my Yelp page and/or on Trip Advisor and when I can remember, I cross post here.

Food styling hits food kiosks at SFO’s T2

Fly enough and you begin to notice a lot of differences between airports. In fact, one of the nicer differences being noticed across the country is “Style Food Porn”. So while in the past some of the nicer restaurants at airports served nice dishes to balance the fast food option, snow even the kiosks are getting into the game.
Airport management & leadership seems to be finally getting on board that just because people are traveling, this shouldn’t mean that the food that they buy shouldn’t look nice, be diverse, fresh and have flavor. (I know real concept, right). So they’ve begun to spend a lot more time on the food making them look appealing and appetizing as well as diversifying the options. Think of it as “runway stylists” for food kiosks.

These are a few shots from down in terminal one at San Francisco airport at Dogpatch Bakehouse Cafe. 

Now if they could just figure out how to get themselves open a half an hour earlier so that you don’t have such long lines specially for those flyers who have to get here by 4 o’clock am in order to get on a flight that’s boarding at 5:25 am.