Bite-Cap — get it, a Recap my BiteTheRoad week.

What a week!

From the launch of the #FoodMemories17 Guest series early in the week,  some follow up at my TechInclusion “TED” Style talk on Mentorship and LGBT at SF Armory building, getting a chance to listen to blogger and cookbook writer Cenk from talk about his newest cookbook “The Artful Baker”, dinner at some fun spots around town, a 5.4 mile local urban hike, an educational trip to the Academy of Sciences for a “Nightlife” event , a look back with a chocolate chip pie and wrapped it all up today with some killer themed food for the monthly book club (but that gets it own entry later this week). It’s no wonder I will be ready for bed early.  So here is a quick visual Bite-Cap…

Bite-Cap: 1 Food Memories; Telling Our Story

I had wanted to add a new feature to BiteTheRoad decided to use a more “crowdsourced” approach with a new guest feature called ‘Food Memories Stories Told. The overall idea was to offer a larger scope of unique stories through the common experience of food and eating and invite others to help grow it. (You can also read my initial post about Food Memories here.)

Yes, everyone is welcome to participate. From the novice to more experienced blogger, the home cook to the professional.  Each guest storyteller will share personal themes of food-related memories, recipes, moments of healing, love, transitions, and reflection and post them during the next few months. We will use the hashtag #FoodMemories2017 and all guest posts will be featured on the BiteTheRoad website and on its companion Facebook page I will also share it out via my twitter account @FVStrona,  the BitetheRoad Tumblr and  Instagram pages and of course, I encourage you to share your post to your networks. Our first guest feature went live with Travis’s 81-layer Biscuits.

Bite-Cap: 2 Talking about Mentoring LGBTs in Tech at TechInclusion

I did a 10 min “TED” Style talk and used storytelling as a way to share about the importance of mentorships and mentors for the LGBT person in Tech. It was a great afternoon with so many very cool people present, that it would have been as nice to attend and not speak. I had forgotten how I enjoy the process of planning using the storytelling technique and coaching through humor. It was fun to be back in the San Francisco Armory in this other role, even it I always enjoyed it from my regular one. As a venue – they do a great job with hosting programs. One of the folks snapped a picture of me in motion and I dressed it up a bit and shared about my social media hubs as well. You can check out my post on Monday afternoon of the blog to read more and see some of the slides.

Bite-Cap 3: Omnivore Books and The Artful Baker: Extraordinary Desserts From an Obsessive Home Baker

Omnivore Books, (Omnivore Books has a Facebook page as well) here the Bay Area, often hosts book and author events. My pal Brad suggested we check it out last week, and I am so glad we did. This months offer was the newest cookbook from Cenk Sonmezoy, the mastermind and home-schooled blogger behind the food blog Cafe Fernando. With cookbook author and blogger for, Irvin Lin serving as local Interviewer  – Cenk did some great storytelling behind his masterful cookbook and the powerful images he took himself in addition to the recipes he wrote. If I hadn’t already purchased my copy, I would have put this on my Christmas list. Its a classic trilogy of storytelling, recipe sharing and visual enticements.  The Artful Baker: Extraordinary Desserts From an Obsessive Home Baker is available at Omnivore or on Amazon.

Of course , hile I have finished reading the Artful Baker (Yes, I read them cover to cover like a novel), I did get inspired to pop out an old school Chocolate Chip Cookie “practice” pie. “Practice” as in it’s a recipe I hadn’t tried and it’s that time of the year when I start working on the menu for the Holiday Orphans party in December..

Bite-Cap 4: The weekend wasn’t all about food….

I did manage to get a 5.4 mile urban hike in on Saturday. This trail was a new one for me, but it has been part of Pauls exercise path previously, so it gave me a chance to explore parts of Glen Park that I hadn’t seen before. But I think poor Dino’s little legs might not have been as happy with the walk! I think other than the obvious – it’s what you don’t expect to see that always catches my eye.

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A journey to “Paradise Found” while painful can shine @sfgmc

A heartfelt and courageous concert from the men of the San Francisco Gay Mens Chorus last night at the Herbst Theater. Dr Timothy Selig, with only half  (space constraints of the Herbst stage) of his talented arsenal of out and proud men, became a real-world “wall of hearts” over the weekend and clearly illustrated the power of love, integrity & resilience.

This diverse collection of “hearts”, rose to new heights to a full house to perform a concert worthy of it’s “Paradise Found” theme. Even more impressive was knowing that less than 24 hours prior, they had lost one of their own “hearts” on the very same stage.

Stay tuned for more details as SFGMC prepares for an incredible summer tour, dubbed  The Lavender Pen Freedom Tour as they raise funds while making diversity and inclusion heard in some of the more restrictive cities here in the Unites States. For more information and how you can help (or join them as part of the “Entourage”) visit

Equally entertaining was the richness of the “traditional meets contemporary” performances from the concert guest artists of  the evening, Patrick Makuakane’s Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu dance company. Along with the super talented troupe, we were tempted with a look at The Natives Are Restless, a new coffee-table book that tells the story of Patrick Makuakāne and Nā Lei Hulu through a stirring narrative, striking photographs, and arresting moments from performances through the years. 




REMEMBERING RYAN NUNEZ: A member of The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus (SFGMC) passed away on stage during the intermission of the choir’s Friday night performance.

Because life has reminders about how precious each day is..

Major house fire  x 3 the only night on my return home from ATL.

The senior couple that live in the corner home, come to find out last night, while having an impromptu slumber party here at my house with them, actually grew up in the house. Her grabdfather built for her mother.  So the house actually had been her mothers home.  Talk about old CA stock. Here is ABC’s coverage:

Kudos to all the response teams of which there were many on the scene till early this am.

And while I’m likely to be a little tired and crabby by the end of the day not having slept and having a hard time breathing with all of the smoke; spending the evening with her and her husband reminded me at least, that  we have a bed to sleep in and a home to come back to.

More images from last nights fire are posted here:

Don’t let the summers end, mean you can’t still eat like its a day at the fair

On his September 2016 website post- fav food traveler and culture cuisine explorer Andrew Zimmern posted a great list of Classic Fair recipes; I think I have my winter blahs recipes well in hand now!

Give it a read at: Classic State Fair Dishes To Make at Home  Also check out his website for his Recipes, his own blog aka Editorials and follow him on Twitter at @andrewzimmern or on Instagram @chefaz

All images are from the article and posting.

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One of the fun things I caught on his site I caught was the AZ Canteen, which according to the man himself; “That’s why I’ve created AZ Canteen. This carefully curated menu showcases some inspired versions of the best food items I’ve discovered on the road. From a Nicaraguan shaved ice that I’ve seen only once outside of Central America, to goat sausage grinders (one of the most delicious meats on the planet!) made with an exclusive cabrito blend from my friend Pat LaFrieda, these foods resonated with me and I’m thrilled to share my culinary experiences with you.”

@AZCanteen is an   food adventure

And because he isn’t busy enough; he also launched Foodworks Inc. and check out his Podcasts

The Boys Who Said NO! @Boyswhosaidno launches indiegogo campaign to tell it’s story

Many of you know I have a passion for storytelling in video/film format – especially when they are home grown over huge production commercial studio madness. Our pal Christopher Colorado Jones has a new project that is launching its Indiegogo campaign.


The film team behind The Boys Who Said NO! happily announces:

The link to our campaign page is HERE, where you can view a new film clip and look over our great perks to reward contributors.

The Boys Who Said NO! documents the power of nonviolence and way that draft resisters helped bring an end to the American War in Vietnam.

The film focuses on the Bay Area group called The Resistance that was co-founded by former Stanford student body President David Harris, who appears in the film. In one section Harris talks with former Weatherman Mark Rudd about violence and nonviolence as techniques for social change. Folk singer and nonviolent activist Joan Baez is also featured, as is former defense analyst Daniel Ellsberg, who tells how the courage of draft resister Randy Kehler inspired him to release the Pentagon Papers. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is also shown speaking out against the war during a visit to Baez and other war resisters in prison.

Our director is Judith Ehrlich, who was nominated for an Academy Award for The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers. Producer Christopher Jones is a draft resister, as are members of the Film Team.

The film will preserve the story of these resisters and of their times, encourage support for today’s peace movement, and further the use nonviolent direct action for social change.

Please help our campaign raise funds (and draw in new supporters) to cover our 2016 production activities. We have two requests.

Give early and generously (all contributions are tax-deductible). Early contributions encourage others to invest in the film when they see our funding rising like a rocket!

The link to our campaign page is–2#/ , where you can view a new film clip and look over our great perks to reward contributors.

Thank you very much for your crucial support!
For peace, justice and equality,

Christopher C. Jones,–2#/


Posted with permission

Night Terrors

Channel surfing and landed in “Night Train To Terror” with Paul tonight. A bizarre portfolio of the 80’s; reflecting all the angst, hair, blood & gore, scream queens, claymation special effects, good vs evil, clothes you don’t want to admit you wore, skin shots and more.  

Definitely was the kind of “train wreck” that you want to cover your eyes, yet can’t control the urge to keep your fingers open just enough so you could peek through.

Sons Of Italy

OSIA creates a space for bringing the past into the present of our blended experiences past & present in its Italian America publication. The clever thinking behind it manages to create a reader to appeal on levels as complex as the 12-hour sunday “sauce” (or “gravy” depending on your region). The writing is clean and accessable without being dumbdowned. So the multi-generational readers will find it equally useful, funny, bittersweet and forward thinking. This issue from fall 2015 is a perfect example.


Philly meets the Bronx

Sometimes we have to laugh our selves.. I mean as I suffered through what felt like 100 seasons of Jerlsylious (yes – I can relate coming from a family of women who do hair!) then we moved the stereo-type humor to Philly! Saw this today and just had to share

From the website:

Tina Fey brought to “Saturday Night Live” what we locals know all too well as the Philly accent, and she made sure to impress upon the rest of the country what is perhaps the most notable word, our dialect’s high “wooder” mark if you will.In a skit called “The Bronx Beat” that features Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph as Bronx housewives hosting a local access television show, Fey is introduced as Cousin Karen from Philly. Fey’s character uses her introduction to bring up the Jersey Shore and stuffed peppers, and to employ the word “youse.” When Poehler and Rudolph mention how “classy” Fey’s accent is, they ask her to “say things in Philly. Say water.”Watch the funny confusion that ensues when the Bronx and Philly dialects collide: Read more at