Wireless charging with @InPofi

Got a chance to see InPofi’s wireless charger/case kit at MacWorld this year and after checking out some the other vendors decided to go back and purchase the kit.

I have to say can’t be happier. The case fits smooth and snug. The low profile chargers are quick and efficient and the fact that they offer two means I could leave one of my office and one in the kitchen. They come in several colors.

If your are on the fence on wireless charging-jump. Its worth the plunge.

Also on Amazon;


Sometimes you just have to go “Greek”

My always ready to grab a meal out pal,  Ralph and I  decided to hit Orexi over in the West Portal. We’ve walked by several time and had heard good things about it – so after a rough week, and Paul being out of town – we figure why not.


We are sure glad we did. From the moment you walk in, the experience was welcoming. The smells rich with grilled meats and herbs, friendly people and very welcoming hosts.


We started with some of the starters that just looked too good to ignore; grilled Calamari (squid), Greek Sardines and of course Saganaki (grilled cheese) – these each were so good that we could have stopped there. Each had its own distinct flavor and richness that essentially made for a lot of bread dipping afterwards.


For our main course Ralph opted for the chicken (which he raved was amazing!), and after spying someone else eating it – on site alone, I went with the lamb chops.  Again it was a win win.

We had heard that some folks felt they had a tendency to rush courses – which I hate, so we mentioned up front that we were not in a hurry and to place the entree order accordingly. The server was happy to oblige and followed through as promised.

While not cheap – I do think the food is well worth it and when you want a nice atmosphere or a date night or a special occasion that allows you to have some fun in.

IMG_9979 IMG_9980

Orexi 243 W Portal Ave, San Francisco, CA 94127 (415) 664-6739


Dinner at San Francisco’s Grand Cafe

Great meal and service last night. Love the fact that the waiter didn’t have to be told we are on our way to see a play and just initiated that he would let the chefs in the kitchen know after he placed our order.


Both the appetizers and the entrées selected came out hot, rich and flavorful.


I opted for the duck entrée which I have to say had all the meaty flavor of a steak but truth be told, its power overme was the bed of ingredients that the duck lies on. The “roll around on” could have been a great meal in itself- pieces of cauliflower, herbs, greens and fiddleheads just excells. The steak and chips – always a good classic and of course the ever solid cassoulet; which is always a favorite; rich and creamy with its melting succulent meats and beans blending a nice smoky flavor dish.



Sausage flatbread & octopus salad started us off. Here the octopus shined and really was a meal on its own.


Overall a great dining experience.

Grand Cafe
501 Geary St
San Francisco, Ca



New BirchBox arrived..

As some of you know – I get the monthly Birchbox for me delivery – This month came with samples of Atelier Cologne (you know thats going to the office for the boys) , English Laundry Shampoo and body wash,  Stubble & ‘Stache face moisturizer and beard conditioner , Vasanti Brighten Up cleaners and Vivarati no show loafer socks!


Im still working my way through last months box -but at first glance the Stubble & ‘Stache face moisturizer and beard condition will be up to test soon, the other products will go on the vacation dopp kit for when I travel. All and all having the Birchbox account has gotten be some great deals, good discounts and nice products I wouldn’t have found otherwise.



My fav this month is the Mr. Natty FFS (Face Forest Beard Soap) its got a great smell that is  forest based with its blend of rosemary and English mint, which act as an aromatic wake-up call,  with out being over bearing and dissipates soon after. But I love how it leaves my beard and the feeling of my face under all that hair. It max a mild astringent quality that I find I was looking for.


Spring Fling for OpenhouseSF still available

Hey Folks – still time to get your tickets and support Openhouse for it’s spring fundraiser for LGBT seniors. with over 400 folks already signed up – it will be another great event. I’ve room at my table if you want to join us. When you register, towards the end it will ask for table capt. Look for my name.  For those of you who can’t come – please consider making a donation or buying a ticket to allow a senior LGBT local to attend and enjoy. Msg me for details.