Dinner at San Francisco’s Grand Cafe

Great meal and service last night. Love the fact that the waiter didn’t have to be told we are on our way to see a play and just initiated that he would let the chefs in the kitchen know after he placed our order.


Both the appetizers and the entrées selected came out hot, rich and flavorful.


I opted for the duck entrée which I have to say had all the meaty flavor of a steak but truth be told, its power overme was the bed of ingredients that the duck lies on. The “roll around on” could have been a great meal in itself- pieces of cauliflower, herbs, greens and fiddleheads just excells. The steak and chips – always a good classic and of course the ever solid cassoulet; which is always a favorite; rich and creamy with its melting succulent meats and beans blending a nice smoky flavor dish.



Sausage flatbread & octopus salad started us off. Here the octopus shined and really was a meal on its own.


Overall a great dining experience.

Grand Cafe
501 Geary St
San Francisco, Ca



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