Sherry’s Garlic and Honey Journey

My Tiktok pal and friend Sherry, an incredible cook and educator needed some digital space to share  her Garlic and Honey journey!

My Fermented Garlic and Honey Journey

Now while neither Sherry or myself are medical clinicians – buts let’s face it, most of the time people share health tips over coffee or food with friends and family. Exploring ways to add more natural options is worth at least a read, and we encourage you to explore and see what works for you in partnership with your care provider.

Who in their right mind would consider putting a clove of garlic in their mouth and chewing it up? This girl!

In March 2022, I saw a lady in North Arkansas posting about fermented garlic and honey. She talked about how it helped with gut health and allergies. Since I have always suffered with asthma and allergies, I decided to try it and see if it helped because allergy season was upon me.

     Making fermented garlic and honey is quite the process. The hardest part is peeling the garlic cloves. Many people buy already peeled and processed garlic, which has been bleached. This process takes away much of the medicinal value, so peeling your own real garlic is very important.

     At the time I began eating the garlic, I only knew of the allergy benefits; however, I couldn’t help noticing that my neck had stopped hurting.  I had been diagnosed 27 years ago with rheumatoid arthritis in my neck and spine, so I thought it was a fluke that my pain had stopped. I stopped and started eating it again and again to be sure. It helped me every single time. That is when I Googled it.

     There was so much that had been left out regarding the benefits. I learned that it has also been deemed helpful with early onset Dementia, high blood pressure, sore throat, and ARTHRITIS! There are many other benefits not listed.

     Once the garlic is peeled, put it in a jar that has a lid.  Then cover the garlic with unprocessed/unfiltered local honey. Using local honey is very important. Just cover the garlic, an inch over the cloves, and put the lid on loosely.


  • Allow the garlic to ferment for 15 days on the cabinet. It will have to be “burped” every day, so just loosen the lid to allow the gases to escape.

  • Swirl the honey around and make sure all the cloves are covered before tightening the lid.

  • If you cannot eat it by itself, try eating it with a piece of meat.

  • Keep the clove intact until you are ready to eat it with some of the honey.


  • Don’t eat it before day 15. More days are better

  • Don’t use a metal spoon in this mixture. Use plastic!

  • Don’t cut the garlic up. It contains allicin, which contains amazing properties.

  • Don’t give up.

 I am not going to pretend that the taste is great. In fact, I stopped using it for two or three weeks because of the taste. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that there are worse things than the taste of garlic, which is the pain I feel without it.

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