By the slice…

My fave food hint;

When buying more than one slice of something at your better bakeries; when you can ask for it as one big “slice”. Then once home, you can cut as needed and it will stay fresher longer. Of course, that is if you can resist eating it all.

Chocolate, Chocolate chip bread from CEG Bakery in Atlanta; 2591 Piedmont Rd NE Ste 1115, Atlanta, GA 30324

By the slice…

When getting more than one slice; if you can, ask for it as one big “slice”. Then slice at home, you can cut as needed and it will stay fresher longer. That is if you can resist eating them all. Chocolate, Chocolate chip bread from CEG Bakery in Atlanta

Dinner from Sophies Uptown – @SophiesUptown

Tossed in the second of the frozen casseroles I picked up from Sophie’s Uptown here in Atlanta last night while waiting for Shadow to arrive. 
Have to say for the taste, quality and the convenience of fresh cooked, frozen casseroles this good, I’m not sure I could make it for the price I bought it. Tonight’s option was the crunchy chicken white meat chicken withbroccoli and white cream sauce. 30 minutes and it was done!

Check them out on Facebook  for the specials of the week, or on twitter @sophiesuptown or visit them on online
They donate 25% of all profits to local animal rescue organizations

Get Ready for Jet Jat Nano

Got my Jet Jat Nano this this week and have to say it’s already going to be the fun “office gift”. Moto put together a nice mini droid in this. Its easy to use, but still feels like the more expensive versions. Loved that they took the time to include mini lights on it so that with its small size, you can still see it in the grass. Charges fast, east to set up. Best of all is that the unit comes with replaceable propellers which was a nice touch – but that also means not for small children. But I think the “small child” in the adult will love it. Image using them for “office or team Olympics”! FYI – this has more power that you think so for first take off; what your ceilings


When “cookies for breakfast” is a good thing

Its my new alternative patio; not provincetown but sure fits the bill for great coffee, food and baked goods worth waiting for! Some people don’t realize how hard it is to make a really good fried egg with the right amount of runny yolk and crisp edges but they knocked it out of the park in my egg & bacon sandwhich. The egg casseroles which are somewhat like mini individual dence quiches come in different flavors and are very good offering both vegetarian and meat-based versions. The cookies, pastries and baked all rock with flavor and freshness. Hint: try the spicy chocolate cookie with it’s perfect combination of rich chocolate flavor with a hint of spiciness. They’re using Intelligentsia coffee which has a deep rich flavor; yes you can also get lattes and cappuccinos they’ve got a full coffee barista set up too. With a huge front patio, you will want to sit a minute and enjoy all the goodness here. Ohh and they have wifi if you must.
The Cookie Studio

30 Pharr Rd, Buckhead, Atlanta, GA 30305, (404) 373-8527