When “cookies for breakfast” is a good thing

Its my new alternative patio; not provincetown but sure fits the bill for great coffee, food and baked goods worth waiting for! Some people don’t realize how hard it is to make a really good fried egg with the right amount of runny yolk and crisp edges but they knocked it out of the park in my egg & bacon sandwhich. The egg casseroles which are somewhat like mini individual dence quiches come in different flavors and are very good offering both vegetarian and meat-based versions. The cookies, pastries and baked all rock with flavor and freshness. Hint: try the spicy chocolate cookie with it’s perfect combination of rich chocolate flavor with a hint of spiciness. They’re using Intelligentsia coffee which has a deep rich flavor; yes you can also get lattes and cappuccinos they’ve got a full coffee barista set up too. With a huge front patio, you will want to sit a minute and enjoy all the goodness here. Ohh and they have wifi if you must.
The Cookie Studio

30 Pharr Rd, Buckhead, Atlanta, GA 30305, (404) 373-8527