Ryan Landry’s “GREECE” by way of Provincetown

A few words from Ryan Landry

We got to see the very funny and quick witted Ryan Landry’s show “GREECE” last night at the Fishermans Hall (the backside of Provincetown High School). The new performance space will bring you back to school stage performances, and serves as a backdrop for an amazing opportunity to add to an already history rich entertainment portfolio from Landry and the Gold Dust Orphans.  The show was the usual “how do they think of this” mashup of themes (something I look forward to each year)  that creates a carnival of fun in one setting. Plenty of talent in this years cast, with over the top costumes and tight scripting made for a fun night overall.

The new and still growing space, has air conditioning (you may want to bring a sweatshirt- yes it works that well) and a still developing sound and light system that will definitely raised the “story to life”.
Now for those of you who recall its old location; gone is the long walk, limited car and bike parking. Instead, Fisherman Hall (12 Winslow St.) is a short walk from pretty much anywhere in town, and offers easy parking to boot.

Getting to “GREECE”

A little spicy seafood pasta for dinner at Sal’s Place

Staying in the West End, and after a lovely dinner at Sal’s Place, we simply took a short walk down Commercial Street and hung a right on Carver (at the Crews Quarters) then left on to Bradford (past the Gifford House Inn). Several blocks later, is a short set of steps which is the back walkway up to the High School Parking lot at Prince & Bradford.  Really – it is that simple. Then just look for the “Fisherman”! at the building end of the parking lot.

The show runs Sundays through September 3rd. Tickets are available at House of LaRue or online at: greeceprovincetown.brownpapertickets.com

The Fisherman on the wall

For more information on “GREECE” or other GDO shows:

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