The Big “B” is back on the market; Brioche is back

Bring on the holidays. The big “B” is back and available again, and yes I purchased two bottles.

Old school italians would remember this as the best remedy for upset stomach, occassional indigestion etc. not to mention its fun to watch fizz. Growing up we always had it around and even as an adult I generally had a bottle somewhere until a few years ago when it seemed to vanish. When Walgreens stopped selling it a few years ago I did some searching and its back with new labels that don’t promote it in a way to get it in trouble but still has the same recipe of sugar, baking soda, malic acid, glucose syrup, natural lemon flavor (dehydrated lemon juice), FD&C Blue No. 2 to combat that indigestion and heartburn.  More info can be found in its site: but it appears it has a new owner. You know I will be asking Walgreens to stock it again. The bottles run about $9 but last. The market I found it in Palm Springs also has a import alternative, but for now – I am back to my roots and picked up two bottles…


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