The Real Italian Deli in Palm Springs

On our way to the airport on Friday, after a lovely week in Palm Springs at the always special and relaxing Triangle Inn, where hosts Micheal and Steven make our stay bright and sunny, no matter the weather, we grabbed sandwiches at The Real Italian Deli. What a treat, I am a big sandwich fan and when I can find good italian style meat and toppings I can generally be made happy. I think it brings me back to my growing up in New Haven when we would stop at a few of our favorites for sandwiches back then. This re-imaged deli, has all the right “nods” toward its italian culture with our being stuck in a faux theme. The food is great from its line of sandwiches to the prepared meals, they offer a big selection of imported treats for those living in PS and missing theme. Its definitely going on the “not to miss” list from here on. then to top it off; they carry Brioschi (see here for take on it).

The Real Italian Deli – 

100 South Sunrise Way. Suite B, Palm Springs. Ca. 92262, 760-325-3800

44795 San Pablo – Palm Desert, CA 92260 – Tel: (760) 836-1493

and on Facebook at:

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The Big “B” is back on the market; Brioche is back

Bring on the holidays. The big “B” is back and available again, and yes I purchased two bottles.

Old school italians would remember this as the best remedy for upset stomach, occassional indigestion etc. not to mention its fun to watch fizz. Growing up we always had it around and even as an adult I generally had a bottle somewhere until a few years ago when it seemed to vanish. When Walgreens stopped selling it a few years ago I did some searching and its back with new labels that don’t promote it in a way to get it in trouble but still has the same recipe of sugar, baking soda, malic acid, glucose syrup, natural lemon flavor (dehydrated lemon juice), FD&C Blue No. 2 to combat that indigestion and heartburn.  More info can be found in its site: but it appears it has a new owner. You know I will be asking Walgreens to stock it again. The bottles run about $9 but last. The market I found it in Palm Springs also has a import alternative, but for now – I am back to my roots and picked up two bottles…


Thanksgiving at Trio Resturant Palm Springs

After cooking an early thanksgiving dinner for ourselves, knowing we were planing to travel on Thanksgiving itself – we opted to make reservation for dinner that night. Trio Resturant Palm Springs came up on our lists to try and they had a seating so we went for it. The holiday prix fixe menu was your standard Thanksgiving theme with the option of soup or salad, beef or turkey and assorted sides and choice of apple or pumpkin pie.

While the place was pretty crowded, I was first of all impressed that it didn’t have that “frenzied” feel some resturant get when they run a holiday menu. The volume was manageable without being stuffy. Of course the orange theme running through it didn’t hurt me visually as its a signature color I love.

We were seated quick and our waiter, Terrence couldn’t have been more welcoming. He bridged that perfect place between friendly and genuine with calm efficiency. If fact towards the end of our meal – he checked in and we enjoyed talking with him more. This is the kind of service that brings the human touch to travelers and generally often what keeps me coming back to a resturant.img_4649-2

The meal it self was good. I had the butternut squash soup with fried sage leaves. It was nice, not as rich as they tend to be (which I happen to lean towards) but fit nicely for a big meal. We also added in the Charcuterie & Artisan Cheese Plate which was a win. Since we had been eating turkey and leftovers for several days – we opted for the beef. Both cuts, my “end cut” and his regular cut were perfect to order medium, hot and tender. fullsizerender-2Not sure I could have cooked it any better myself. The sides of mashed potato and string beans were good, nicely prepared with out trying to be more than they are supposed to be. The only minor disappointment was the dessert. Both pies were somewhat lackluster. The under-crust on the pies were soft and had that “undercooked” taste that sometimes come with pre-made pies and the fillings were not especially well flavored. Over all – a good solid meal and a place I will go back too for a regular dinner or lunch.

From a geek perspective – I love the interactive way they have embraced social media and the dining experience. They put it out there for people to share and I post. Something I greatly appreciate! They even gave it front and center attention;



TRIO Restaurant
707 N Palm Canyon Dr
Palm Springs, CA 92262
t: 760.864.8746

Monday – Thursday 11am – 10pm
Friday 11am – 11pm
Saturday 10am – 11pm
Sunday 10am – 10pm

$19.95 3-Course Prix Fixe Menu 11am – 6pm, Daily
Happy Hour 11am – 7pm, Daily
Brunch a Go-Go from 10am, Sat & Sun

Sunshine Cafe – Palm Springs

Obviously I like a range of food if you ever have read my posts. So it often won’t matter if its high end or down home – as long as its good. Sunshine is a regular goto for us when in Palm Springs. Its got the attitude I like in a no-frills kind of place; great menu options and now serves dinner. From super breakfasts to burgers to full out dinner combo’s this is homestyle dining.  Located in the Cathedral City side of Palm Springs – this little cafe is tucked away across from Digs. Has on street parking as well as off street. My suggestion is not go if you are in a hurry – not because they are slow, rather they have a good crowd and turn tables quick -but they won’t rush you while you are eating. Great place to take a minute and eat, share and laugh.

Sunshine Cafe

36815 Cathedral Canyon Dr

Cathedral City, CA 92234