Boon Eat & Drink; a new family of quality food & drink at the River

OK – So for years now this part of the Russian River has been struggling to find its own groove and identity. Well with the fast raising trend in Restaurants and venues like what the folks from the Boon family of enterprises is putting out – its found the groove.

Not only have they found a way to be true to themselves but that were able to mix it with quality food, good prices, a great wine list and most of all – they get the service industry. Not once do you ever feel like they are doing you a favor by being open. Boon Eat & Drink never fails. They make the standard fare of burgers and steaks come alive with a reason to order then again – but its the seasonal and weekly specials that make this really stellar – from the produce they grow themselves to the cuts of meat to the combinations they package it all in – it all works.

No way my photos could do the food justice – so these come right from Boon!




Its a small venue and they don’t take reservations – so plan to grab a few glasses of wine while you wait if you go at peak hours. My fav has been the flash fried brussels sprouts, burgers but on a recent trip had the winter squash which was addictive and a pulled port shoulder with creamy polenta that I found my self amazed by. You find details on Boon Eat & Drink here

16248 Main St   Guerneville, CA 95446   (707) 869-0780

Russian River Get-A-Way Weekend; Mom’s Apple Pie


We decided on a quick visit to Guerneville, Ca this weekend and made a call up to the former Russian River Resort, now rebranded and open as the R3 to see what kind of openings they had. The website it pretty clear and easy to navigate which is a good thing – as when calling to get into – you pretty much are directed back to it to check which rooms are available and to make a reservation. The place it pretty much in keeping with its past – but the rooms are clean and the beds soft. (More on staying at the R3 here)

But I digress. Along the way up to the river after an easy start to our day,, on recommendations from our pal Joe G. (owner of my personal local Barbershop of choice;  Joes Barbershop here in San Francisco), Paul suggested we stop off at Mom’s Apple Pie shop in Sebastapol for “lunch”.

Moms logo

Look for Moms!

Mom’s Crew at Mom’s Apple Pie

Now – not being someone who is a “gotta have pie” kind of guy – I wasn’t expecting much. On walking in – I was thinking sandwiches first, then maybe a slice.

Well, boy was my attention diverted with being greeted by a showcase full of freshly baked pies many of them looking every good as they smelt.  The folks working were lovely to chat with and “Mom” even poked her head out briefly to say hello.

Mom's showcase of pleasure

Mom’s showcase of pleasure

Being a fan of cherry – I opted for the cherry pie and Paul debated a moment or two longer and ended up with the blueberry, then just to be sure – we order a mini apple pie to take with us for later.  Gotta’ love a place that serves the pie simple and unadorned, warm and waiting before the sandwiches arrive. So you know the order of the day was going to be sample first then the protein.

More from Mom

More from Mom

Three things stood out for me; 1) The fruit tasted like fruit! Just the right balance of sweet and tart. I kind of think after tasting his, that the blueberry might have edged out the cherry some on flavor,  2) The crust was flaky and rich, just thick enough with out feeling like it was overwhelming the dish,  an last – it was warm and size right served in recycled tin pie plates.

While not a fancy place – they serve it up right. We also noticed that they now offer gluten free pies. Well worth a trip if you are in the area!


Mom’s Apple Pie is located; 4550 Gravenstein Hwy. North • Sebastopol, CA 95472 • 707-823-8330,

Mom’s Apple Pie