East Coast “Market Mall” meets Market Street

Seems that Myriad Market Hall’s first vendors are in place and open for business. I stopped by on my way to Joe’s Barbershop for my usual saturday morning shave and had some extra time and (more importantly I found parking in front) so stopped in to check it out. 

Loved the space; it’s open and industrial meets an urban trendy type thing. Sorta reminds me of the old school classic  “indoor flea market stalls” gone hip (or hipster if you prefer). 

According to Inside Scoop , “the team behind the Myriad is Jordan Langer, Pete Glikshtern and Jeff Whitmore (Jones, Oddjob, Empire Room, the Midway). Rather than a glorified food hall, the inspiration for the project comes from places like New York’s Chelsea Market and market halls of Europe, where one can find a variety of small businesses under one roof.” Being a former east coaster; I got it immediately. 

The coffee offered at Cro was rich & dark, the crepes across the way were getting freshly wisked up as the coffee brewed. 

They have on deck craft cocktails (or take home cocktail kit) at Mrs. Jones and healthy snack options at it’s RAW Juice Bar, with more rolling in from Antonik’s BBQ, Church Street Flowers, and Gambrel and Co. Butcher opening in the coming weeks.

I’ll agree with the 2175 Market’s website on this; “Come, relax and enjoy the market hall vibe.”  Note: The do have a web site , but still seems to be under revision. 

Myriad Market Hall
2175 Market Street, San Francisco

Castro’s Caffiene Boost or Bust?

It amuses me after a huge nieghborhood refit, some of which I still scratch my head over ( for instance–why add changing lighting features under high placed direct white street lights?? Maybe Im missing something but I don’t see what the effect is other that pad a lighting contract since you can’t see the effect) . So what do we do? Let’s add more caffiene!

Really, we have a robust offering of coffee options in the castro these days with more coming down the trail.

Recently open and joining the “hipster chic” offerings of Revielle, (4076 18th St) and Espressamente Illy Cafe (2349 Market st) is the new sparten Hearth (3985 17th street) sitting nestled between Local Take and Wild Card, near Orphan Andys.

Next up to open is the new Weavers, next door to Fitness SF and set to open on Friday December 10th in time for the early morning gym go’ers. Catch them today offering free samples!

These now supplement the already in place houses including the Castro Coffee Company, Eureka ( 451 Castro Street), La Taza ( 4230 18th street) , Peets ( 2257 Market street) and Spikes (4117 19th street).

Word is that Philzs coffee will move it’s 4023 18th street location soon to the 500 block of Castro as well.

So.. now the question that comes to my mind is how will the Castro caffinate its retail offerings and “decaf” the rents.