Food styling hits food kiosks at SFO’s T2

Fly enough and you begin to notice a lot of differences between airports. In fact, one of the nicer differences being noticed across the country is “Style Food Porn”. So while in the past some of the nicer restaurants at airports served nice dishes to balance the fast food option, snow even the kiosks are getting into the game.
Airport management & leadership seems to be finally getting on board that just because people are traveling, this shouldn’t mean that the food that they buy shouldn’t look nice, be diverse, fresh and have flavor. (I know real concept, right). So they’ve begun to spend a lot more time on the food making them look appealing and appetizing as well as diversifying the options. Think of it as “runway stylists” for food kiosks.

These are a few shots from down in terminal one at San Francisco airport at Dogpatch Bakehouse Cafe. 

Now if they could just figure out how to get themselves open a half an hour earlier so that you don’t have such long lines specially for those flyers who have to get here by 4 o’clock am in order to get on a flight that’s boarding at 5:25 am.