Warm weekend sunday

Im home again from a week in DC. It’s a sunday after a superwarm saturday here in San Francisco.

The monster Dino is walked, fed and napping. His Daddy is still sleeping but coffee is brewing. 

So I guess it’s breakfast time. let’s see what I can toss together;

Crustless mini egg, cheese, veggie & ham “quichatta-cups”. Sorta a cross between a less custardy quiche and a frattata baked in cupcake pans lined with my favorite silecone cups for easy removal and cleaning.

So while in the mood; whipped up a new recipe for a gluten-free take on a base to be used for strawberry shortcakes later today so a pal can enjoy while we eat ours topped over poundcake.

Fresh out of the oven they look ok. Taste and crumb isnt bad. Its’ dense, and could have baked longer; but given it’s a base for marinated strawberries in a chocolate-balsamic sauce it might be a perfect match.