Sunday was our last day of vacation – so it was grill time

Most Sundays we try to eat early so that we can settle in and prep for the week ahead. Since it was to be our first Monday back after a vacation  – it was even more so important.

I decided the easiest thing was to grill up some veggies, meat and keep it simple.

I saw that Hatch Peppers were in season and on sale – so picked up some of them (they are the long ones) BUT be careful some are mild and some aren’t. I ended up with ones that have more heat than our household will enjoy. So I packed them in olive oil and garlic to marinate them for another day. We had a few peaches at home i wanted to use up so sliced the in half and tossed them on too. The tri-tip comes marinated, but I always add more salt and pepper.  The basic method I use for grilling try-tip is as follows:

Preheat both sides the grill to high. Scape down the grate, cover and reheat.

Toss on the meat, fat side down for 10 mins and don’t touch it! Cover the lid

After 10 min’s. lower the heat to medium on one side, and flip the meat over on to the lower side for 20 – 25 min depending on your grill and how you like the meat done. Once you pull it off, cover in foil for up to 10 min to keep the juices in.

Add the veggies etc to the hot side  and cover for 7-10. then check the veggies for char marks and to flip. They are done when they get to the stage you like them. Remove and cover.

For the watermelon & feta salad – couldn’t be more simple, slice and layer, top with tomatoes, sprinkle with hot pepper flakes, salt and corse pepper. Chill till ready to serve.Just before serving drizzle lemon juice, olive oil and balsamic vinegar (peach vinegar and champagne vinegar also taste great) to taste.

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