Some old-school “Coddled” eggs for Sunday

Last week, the conversation came up about eggs. Now I happen to live with someone who is a be “egg-ceptional” when it comes to those protein bombs of goodness. He can eat them at ant time of the day. breakfast or dinner. But on Sundays, I generally make them for breakfast, but even for me – I can only make so many frittata’s, omelettes and scrambles before I am over it. During a dinner parted the topic of “coddled” eggs came up and at the same time I happen to see a few recipes for these simple “steamed” style eggs on tv.

So today I thought I would give them a try. Essentially preparing coddled eggs is just a fancy way describe gently or lightly cooked eggs. In the past – they even had a bunch of really lovely glassware called “coddlers” to use to cook and serve them in. Some ways of preparing them include cooking them in the eggs shells themselves, or cooking & serving them in the coddlers or ramekins or  the coddlers serving as a cooking mold and they are up-ended out onto the plate. Chefs and cooking host from Martha Stewart to Jacque Pepin have plenty of recipes for them. In fact it was the Heart & Soul recipe series from Pepin that prompted this breakfast. You can find a bunch of those versions here. Cooking them doesn’t need any fancy equipment; you can use regular style 4 or 6 ounce shuffle ramekins or the ones I tend to use; the 6 ounce pyrex custard cups. You can even find specialty ramekins or “coddlers” as they are known at antique stores or Amazon.

After reviewing several recipes; I decided to try two ways.

The first was a straight forward, no frills version topped with simple sea salt and pepper with toast.

The second was an parsley version layered over warm roast beef slices and cheese.

Over all they were simple to make, once you get the timing down.

Simple & Straight Forward Coddled Eggs

This simple steamed egg dish is a perfect, quick and easy way to make eggs. This is to prepare two eggs. But keep in mind if you use smaller eggs; double up!

  • 2 XL Eggs (Room temp, the fresher the better. I tend to suggest XL or Jumbo lied. But Large will work too.)
  • Salt & Pepper (To taste)
  • 2 tbsp Chopped Parsley or other herb (optional; to coat the sides of the ramekin)
  • 2 4 – 6 ounce Ramekins or Coddlers
  • 2 tbsp Cheese, sauces or heated veggies etc for toppings
  1. Remove the eggs and allow to come to room temperature

  2. In a skillet or other pan that has a snug fitting lid, bring enough water to soft boil. The water should come up half way up the sides of the ramekins

  3. While waiting for the water to heat, prepare your glassware. You can use regular style 4 or 6 ounce shuffle ramekins or the ones I tend to use; the 6 ounce pyrex custard cups. You can even find specialty ramekins or “coddlers” as they are known. 

    Butter the sides and bottom of the ramekins; both for flavor and to make up-ending them out on a plate easier. If you are choosing to use chopped herbs, coats the bottom and sides of the buttered ramekin.

  4. Place the ramekins in the water bath, medium-high heat, and cover for 7- 8 minutes. This is too taste – the longer they steam, the more firm they become. 

  5. Toast & butter some bread, or heat up some meat etc. What ever you choose to eat with them

  6. Remove from the bath, and dry the ramekin with a towel. Slide a small knife around the edges too loosen. If you plan to up-end them on a plate and serve on bread, potatoes etc. You might need to use the tip of the knife to get air inside under the bottom to get them to slide out. 

  7. You can top with cheese, salt and pepper. Drizzle with warmed tomato sauce -pretty much what ever is handy and dunk-worthy. Serve warm

  8. Note – Coddled eggs are definitely aimed at lovers of poached eggs and those that love the deep yellow yolk, runny and warm. Its all about the dipping of the bread!