How to Listen to Your Body as You Eat

Many people find that they overeat in certain situations, and are trying to move away from those bad habits. Whether you find yourself overeating on vacation, when you’re alone at home, or when you’re eating out, it is important to know how to take better care of your body. Here are a few ways to know how to listen to your body as you eat so you don’t do damage to your health by overeating.


Eat Until You’re Full

Overeating is something that happens really easily if you’re really hungry or rushed. If you are eating a big meal after being very hungry or in a limited amount of time, try not to listen to your body. As you are eating, try to pay attention to how you are feeling. If you start to feel satisfied and the impulse to eat more starts to diminish, you’re probably getting close to being full. Don’t rush ahead and stuff yourself with as much food as possible as fast as you can because that will result in feeling overfull. Slow down and pay attention to how your body feels. According to Alissa Rumsey, you’ll then feel comfortably full and satisfied at the end of your meal.


Avoid Foods That Don’t Agree with You

It is natural for different people to have certain foods that don’t agree with them, making them feel bloated or causing heartburn or stomach aches. For example, according to Granite Peaks Gastroenterology, some spicy and acidic foods can cause heartburn. Citric fruits and sour or bitter drinks might also have a similar effect. It is important to listen to your body when trying different foods so you can identify which foods may cause you any discomfort.


Designate Meals

If you’re really busy and often eating on the go, your body might not actually register that you’ve eaten a real meal. For example, if you’re eating a bagel as you drive to work for breakfast, or chowing down on chips for lunch while working on the computer, your body will likely not treat that consumption of food as a meal. According to Elise Museles, it is important to actually sit down with a plate and take the time to eat your food like a meal, even if you only have ten minutes to do so. This will allow your body to recognize the food as a designated meal and to be more satisfied and nourished once you’ve finished.


As you are learning to take better care of your body by listening to it as you eat, be patient with yourself. It will be a process to learn how to take care of yourself, and you’ll likely still have days where you feel bloated and overfull. If you keep putting forth effort and paying attention to how you feel when you eat, you’ll figure out an eating system of foods and meal times that will help you feel the best.

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How to Fit Healthy Eating Into Your Busy Schedule

How to Fit Healthy Eating Into Your Busy Schedule

Eating healthy can seem like an uphill battle. Whether you feel like you are constantly battling stress that pushes you to eat unhealthily or whether you struggle with the motivation to actually take the time to make healthy food, thinking about some of these ideas can get you started. But be sure to take the time to really self-analyze so you figure out what your main struggles are and what you really should be focusing on.

Prepare Simple, Healthy Snacks

Whether you are working a typical 9–5 or are staying at home taking care of the kids, life gets busy quickly and it can be easy to unexpectedly miss meals. According to Kayla Itsines, having healthy snacks on hand will help you cope with hunger throughout the day.

Additionally, as you are feeling increased stress, having healthy snacks on hand will help you turn to something other than unhealthy food if you have been conditioned to turn to food when you are feeling not as great.

Set Aside Days to Cook

Setting time aside to prepare your healthy meals will make a big difference in your long-term success. Simply put, eating healthy often requires more work than eating out or eating unhealthily.

Figuring out the best approach to meal prepping varies by person. Some people prefer to simply chop vegetables so they’re ready to be added to different meals when the time comes. Others may prefer simply freezing fully cooked food for later.

Regardless of the method you prefer, think about vacuum sealing some of your food. According to Vacuum Sealers Unlimited, you can store everything from fruits and vegetables to bulk foods in a vacuum-sealed bag. This will help preserve their freshness longer and will save space in your fridge.

Plan Your Meals

According to Super Healthy Kids, another important aspect of enabling yourself to eat healthily is planning your meals for every day of the week. Figuring out the best way to do this differs from person to person, but the principle is the same—when you know what you’re going to eat, you’ll be less likely to give in to cravings.

Try meal prepping a few different main courses over the weekend. Then at the beginning of each day, decide which ones you are going to have for the day.

Taking some of these steps will be instrumental in your journey towards more healthy eating. Of all things to really focus on, focus on preparation. Healthy eating isn’t something that happens accidentally, it takes planning. But when that planning is done well, you will set yourself up for success.

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I am not talking “art” in the sense that it has to perfectly executed (although thats never a bad thing to get either and I have many professional artist friends whose work I love 😉).

But rather, art that reflects the creators unique imagination, personality, growth, spirit, feelings and emerging style. I have kept all of them over the last 30 years and always smile when each new one arrives.

Keep in mind, I define art widely, as any expressive form someone puts energy into. From handmade holiday and bday cards to sketches, music “tapes”, movies, jewelry and paintings etc.

This week, just when I needed a smile during a rough one , Mike sent me this sketch. Which is framed and up already!

Thank you Mike for thinking of me! Another one for my “Dorian Gray Collection” here at home. ❤️❤️

How a fruit almost killed musicals.

Sometimes my mind recalls the oddest and most arcane things. Such as this shipwreck of a musical, of which less than a handfull of my friends every recall seeing but I did (and own a early bookleg copy vhs of it). One song often came to mind; Speed with was a odd to the future and our fascination with meth use.

At 40 years old, its extreme camp with its also “tanked siblings” that rolled out including Can’t Stop the Music, Xanadu, Popeye and Neil Diamond’s The Jazz Singer all released within six months of each. One writer on its 40th birthday described it as “Trying to be The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Tommy all at once (with a disco flavor, even though disco was for all intents and purposes dead by the end of 1980) currently.

The Apple

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How to Enhance Your Eating Experience With New Flavors

When it comes to cooking, it can get easy to fall into a routine. When you buy the same things every week and cook the same things every week, you can start to feel a need to switch things up. Switching things up doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you make a few small changes to your eating habits.

Try New Spices

One of the best ways to immediately add new flavors to your regular meal rotation is by adding new spices to your meals. Even if you still plan on having chicken and veggies, you can season them with Cajun seasoning to pack a punch and totally shift the flavor palette.

Figuring out which spices will be good options for you to start out with, think about the different flavor profiles you are drawn to or are curious about. Maybe you’ve never had Haitian food or maybe you’re curious about Colombian spices. Identify some of these flavor profiles and then make spice blends accordingly. That way you can just use those spices on your food and you’ll be ready to go.

Cook with a Different Oil

Another way to switch up your eating experience is by using different oils. Most people use vegetable oil or olive oil in their cooking. And while these oils have benefits, switching it up can be good. For example, try coconut oil to have a slightly sweet taste to your food. You can also use hemp oil for cooking to provide your food with a nutty flavor.

Try a New Recipe Altogether

When you want to switch up your eating experience, it can be overwhelming to try new recipes all the time. And when it’s hard to try new recipes often, it can become hard to try new recipes at all. Consider choosing one day a week when you’ll try a new recipe—maybe Friday night.

Then, if you only plan to make one foreign dish a week, you’ll be able to look forward to it as a fun change from the normal and you’ll also be able to be less overwhelmed by the process of making new things.

Enhancing your everyday eating experience can seem challenging at first. When you have established a comfortable routine, it can seem unmotivating to break it. But even making simple small changes to your everyday eating habits can help you try new flavor profiles.

Looking for a new recipe to try? Try this Keto Chocolate Chunk Biscotti!

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