When Turkey & Fixen’s isn’t about Thanksgiving

A few weeks ago, we got a hankering for a full out turkey dinner.. but I really didn’t want to fuss with a full turkey, brine, etc. Decided to play around with an old recipe that uses the 1/2 turkey breasts with bone in. Since my household isn’t much a dark meat one – this is perfect for when I don’t plan on making any stock or soup.

Cooking the turkey this way is quick and  pretty low maintenance. After taking the breasts our of the package, I rinse and pat well to dry.

The in a small bowl I mix a stick of butter, 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil and fresh and dried hers. Mix well – it should have a consistency like mayonnaise. Gently raise the skin off the breast and coat, then do the same on the skin side. Give its a generous covering.

To cook – I happen to like stuffing that has the turkey drippings in it – but the breast will dry out if you check on it too often – so I put a small rack over the stuffing while it cooks – this allows the stuffing to cook and have a nice crunch top with all the drippings to blend in it too.

Cooking time will very and I find that its as easy to make two at one once (one on the stuffing and one in a second pan) the one in the second pan actually is what I use for drippings for the gravy. I usually cook mine uncovered at 375 degrees for 15 min, open the oven , remove them and baste, then lower temp to 350 or 325 for another 90 min. checking by thermometer for doneness. Thermometer should be around 165 degrees that gives you time to remove, cover and let sit while you make the gravy.

Toss on the grill some baby carrots, broccoli sprayed with olive oil cooking spray to get slight char on, maybe some baked mac & cheese you got from Tower Market and doctored up some with more cheese and a bread crumb strusssel and dinner is served in less than 2 hours.

You will have plenty for lunches !