Fresh Warm Buns “oh my”

With the warm weather, suddenly on us, and knowing that Thursday was a writing day for me. We opted for hamburgers for Dinner. Noticing that I didn’t have any buns for them, and before I called Paul to stop and get some on his way home, I thought maybe I would make an attempt at making a batch.

Who knew making buns were this easy?

After checking some of my cookbooks and some experience of late with baking quick rolls, I came up with this super easy recipe. I also googled recipes and noticed that it’s very similar to a bunch already out there. Which tells me more and more people are coming up with these quick and tasty, store-bought alternative. The finished product was dense and had a great bite to them. Solid enough to hold the meat ( I am already thinking how good these will taste with pulled pork bbq) but not so hard that you can’t bite into it.

With a short single raise and only a 12-minute bake – these literally can be made in less than 30 min from start to finish.

The recipe?

I go this one from; the only change I made was adding ground pepper to the flour for some added taste. The recipe doesn’t specify the type of flour, but I had bread flour on hand and used that. I think adding any combination of dried or fresh herbs or even grated cheese might make these great as well. You find the full recipe here:






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