Planning My 2018 Pleasure Read-Goals Today

Why a yearly Read-Goals list?

With so much to catch up with on posting; this weeks begin the end of the year holiday posts, and a detailing of some of the  recipes that won and failed, treats and projects that I worked on. But for today – to keep it simple. I worked on my 2018 read-goals list. This is the way I balance work, academic and news reading with pleasure stuff.

My Read-Goals for the year:

Frank’s 2018 Book List

books reading read-goals

A few more from the 2017 read-goals list

Working on my 2018 book list this morning while revising a copy of Bookmarks Magazine and decided that this would be the group I would use as my “intentional reads” over the next 12 months in addition to the others that come my way.  You might even notice a theme, in that not all of them are current trending titles since I decided part of the gaol was relooking at some of the older titles I missed when they initially rolled out.  I figure this batch coupled with the one from our book club should give me plenty for the year.