Stay agile and think beyond the borders we create for ourselves.

These days to stay successful requires the ability to stay agile and think beyond the borders we create for ourselves. Sometimes it means trying something new or even putting ourselves in different environments. For me, I started to say yes to more guest invitations on podcasts, even those outside my traditional genre. It not only exposes me to new ideas and audiences. I generally walk away inspired by the process of the conversation and with a germ of a nugget of a new idea to explore.

This is a recent guest spot on The HPP Podcast, the podcast for The Health Promotion and Practice Journal from Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE)
Title: Ep. 33 Exploring A Career in Health Promotion: What HPP Editorial Board Members are Up To with Frank Strona
Description: In this episode, The HPP Podcast host, Arden Castle is in conversation with Frank Strona, Editorial Board member for The Health Promotion Practice Journal. Frank talks about his 35+ years of experience in the sexual health field and his transition to the national response for COVID. He reminds us that it is never too late to go back to school and to challenge ourselves with new opportunities. He ends the episode by reflecting on HPP’s supplemental issues, the diversity of the HPP Editorial Board, and the excitement that this work bring