Sometimes trying something new like @Sprig doesn’t leave a good taste in ur mouth

Wow tried the food app service Sprig tonight and not impressed so far. After several recomendations earlier this week I placed my first order. 

 A short time later I happened to check email to find they issued a refund. Ended up calling to ask why a refund email was sent and about the status of the food.

Only to be told the order was cancelled with a vague mention that its a rare occurance but during my order placement an item ran out. 
But that doesnt explain why the system doesnt trigger a call, or text about placeing a substitution on the 86’d item. 

The phone support didnt seem very concerned and while they did offer some credit they didnt even have curtesy to initiate a “we can have an order out to you asap if you choose a replacement on us” instead he wanted to play word games about my telling him what I wanted as if it was on me that the error was made and to correct it.  I think more training is needed. 

I still think its a good concept but needs some work in its customer engagement and technical engineering. Unclear if I will risk another attempt in the future.