SOAPs with a bang!

This year we happen to hit both the KPFA Craft Fair   and the Renegade Craft Show. Now these are not your mother’s craft shows. These days they are filled with artisan chocolates, vinegar’s, candy, soaps, lotions, jewelry and more. What is kind of cool – is as “hipster chic” has taken hold – more of the vendors are guys catering products to guys. So you can find products for those of us with beards, or fragrances that work for guys.

Bay Rum by Laughing Devil

One of my favorites this season was a Bay Rum fragranced soap and I tend to not like most things that have fragrance.  This all natural soap was great and coming from a company with a name like “Laughing Devil Designs” I mean really! How could I not have stopped.  You can find them online at and use the site’s blog to let you know where they vend. At $6.50 a large bar – it was worth it. Other ones of note were the seasonal Cranberry Spice and limited run Mistletoe

Fyi the other alternative if you prefer your soaps more professional packaged  is to check out the “Kiss My Face” product line  – Rough Thyme is great smells good but not over powering. A Body worker pal turned me on to this. While not cheap – I find buying locally at smaller shops you can get a deal or I have gotten good deals at Amazon for it.

Rough Thyme a clean scent that gets you clean