Philly meets the Bronx

Sometimes we have to laugh our selves.. I mean as I suffered through what felt like 100 seasons of Jerlsylious (yes – I can relate coming from a family of women who do hair!) then we moved the stereo-type humor to Philly! Saw this today and just had to share

From the website:

Tina Fey brought to “Saturday Night Live” what we locals know all too well as the Philly accent, and she made sure to impress upon the rest of the country what is perhaps the most notable word, our dialect’s high “wooder” mark if you will.In a skit called “The Bronx Beat” that features Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph as Bronx housewives hosting a local access television show, Fey is introduced as Cousin Karen from Philly. Fey’s character uses her introduction to bring up the Jersey Shore and stuffed peppers, and to employ the word “youse.” When Poehler and Rudolph mention how “classy” Fey’s accent is, they ask her to “say things in Philly. Say water.”Watch the funny confusion that ensues when the Bronx and Philly dialects collide: Read more at