Nutritional “Crack” – as addictive, just better for you

When I travel – I tend to eat regionally. My Sister turned me on to these folks a few years back when I was out in Provincetown for  a summer trip. The Fairway Resturant and The Hole In One in Eastham has an incredible group of granola mixes that I think is some of the best I have had. It essentially is nutritional “crack”. I like it so much I tend to order it and have it shipped all year round. Located on Route 6 in North Eastham, this 20 year old, family run shop, specializes in fresh, hand-cut donuts and warm, friendly service and a way about granola that is dangerous..

They have a “know how” with  chocolate and peanut butter in a way that makes it addictive and not just “tossed in” for those that are attracted it it. The two that I tend to eat the most is Midnight and Muddy Beach Nut but truth be told – they are all great. So good that I eat them out of the bag like cookies, on ice cream and even on occasion as cereal…

Really – you have to try it! you can find the website  here,  online Facebook or located in two spots;

The Hole in One Restaurant
98 Cranberry Highway
Orleans, MA 02653Phone: 508-255-3740

The Hole in One Donut Shop4295 US-6
Eastham, MA 02642
Phone: 508-255-9446