Mind-mapping & Brainstorming starts on a full stomach

I needed a “me day” today. Too many big thoughts, changes & transitions to track, so wanted some creative alone time to plan, draft and brainstorm.

But first it needed to start with some coffee, then a walk to West Portal for a little nosh at Toast,

Then it was a stroll trough the Goodwill store for a few new dress shirts (with tags no less) – three dress shirts and an orange polo jersey for the summer, all brand new for less than $40. Score!

It was such a mild Friday night; albeit a lot of “full moon freakiness” out and about, we went for a  mani-pedi then opted for a comfort dinner at the Cove before walking home to prep for dinner on Saturday night. 

Went to make some layer cookies for dinner tonight (as a back up if my Apple & Pear Tart crashes and burns) at the house for Louis Karim, then realized I only had 1 can on evaporated milk; what to do? Original Version

Simmered almond milk down to replace the ev milk, then figured I would add dried cranberries and crystallized ginger to the chocolate and butterscotch chips. 

I think the adapted version tastes as good as the original but moves it from cookie bar, to gooey bar. 

Note: This means it’s one step closer to dairy free!