How a fruit almost killed musicals.

Sometimes my mind recalls the oddest and most arcane things. Such as this shipwreck of a musical, of which less than a handfull of my friends every recall seeing but I did (and own a early bookleg copy vhs of it). One song often came to mind; Speed with was a odd to the future and our fascination with meth use.

At 40 years old, its extreme camp with its also “tanked siblings” that rolled out including Can’t Stop the Music, Xanadu, Popeye and Neil Diamond’s The Jazz Singer all released within six months of each. One writer on its 40th birthday described it as “Trying to be The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Tommy all at once (with a disco flavor, even though disco was for all intents and purposes dead by the end of 1980) currently.

The Apple

And yes, you too can have it stuck in your grey matter as its currently out on Amazon Prime