Bak-klene ZT cooking spray – get your glide on

This Christmas one of my work colleagues gifted me with Bak-klene ZT cooking spray.

Yes – I know – you might wonder why?? Well  – we often all talk about food and She had heard about this particular brand and thought of me ( Note – this is what gifting is all about – thinking before hand and knowing the person – not because its been marketed since october and with the biggest most  budget).IMG_9673

So, I digress.. I had always tended to use what ever spray I had around the house – but never found them great. Till now – Bak-klene converted me! Not only does it go on easy and provided me with the non-stick coverage I wanted – it has no after taste or leave a funky texture on the cookware.  It also has zero-transfat and is used in many profession kitchens I have heard tell. I have been working with it now since December and even the stickiest messes  I have managed to bake up – have simply slid out!

Available at Williams-Sonoma or Amazon – at almost $10 its not cheap – but its well worth it.