Meatloaf -its all in the mix!

It’s a “meatloaf” themed day it seems – with all the ways to make or ruin one trending! Maybe because for some of us – Meatloaf  is the perfect “feel good, home” meal It always gets a reaction from people. Of course the biggest complete is overworked meat – leaving the results crumbly.  I saw years ago an italian chef who swears that to not over mix it is the secrete- you mix it with your hand (and only one hand) shaped like a claw no more than 10 times. So it tends to allow for larger mix motions similar to folding.

My other fav tricks; include not adding salt and using grated parm reggiano cheese instead. It adds cheese and salt flavor but more subtle. I also have been using an adapted recipe from Rachel Ray that converts the meatloaf to “meat loaf muffins” cooking them in muffin pans. Cooks them in 20 -25 min at a high heat. Allows you to pull them out of any fat so it doesn’t have to sit in it and also portions them out better. For you folks who live and cook from your mini toaster overs – this works in them too

One of my fav ways is to adapt this version from Rachel Ray – because they are cooked as “muffins” takes a lot less time! Works great with gourd chicken and ground turkey. You can even prep them the night before and then pop them in the oven right after work. Hint – when removing form the oven – after a few minute – pop the “muffins” out and put on a warm rack to stay warm and out of the grease 

But my local pal who hosts Bob’s Cooking on his Facebook page; shared an even better looking version that I may have to explore!

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