Devon’s Deep Sea Dive

Devon’s Deep Sea Dive

We rolled into the Deep Sea Dive last year when Devon took it over from its previous incarnation. After several good breakfasts and dinners during our last stay – we knew it would once gain be on our food plan for this trip.

We tend to eat in during the busier days when the day-trippers descend on Ptown so we looked forward to our mid-week visit.

For the first visit we went for breakfast this year and once again ran into the whirling dervish himself (we had met Devon earlier in the week at his other location in the East End; Devon’s or read my comments on it here; ).


Devon was working  that morning and greeted us with a warm, cheerful welcome. The ever handsome and man about town, Chad was our waiter, presenting us with several breakfast specials in addition to it’s regular menu. After grabbing a much needed coffee for Paul and a green tea for me– we went with the house made sausage scramble special, a house made pesto, cheese and tomato omelet with homemade English muffin and a short stack of gluten free Maine blueberry buckwheat pancakes – well just becuase for that short stack!IMG_1778 IMG_1779 IMG_1780

When our meal arrived, and quickly at that, one bite and we both knew that ordering the specials were the right choice. The scramble was the perfect combination of cheesy, smoky, mild spicy gooeyness that I love in a breakfast. The omelet was light and well cooked with a filling that made each bite a complete taste.

You can always tell when someone is using a homemade recipe for pesto over a store produced one,. The home version almost always has a little extra depth that comes from using native fresh ingredients that just can’t hold the same taste in a jarred version. I love the fact that in both of Devon’s restaurants they are stressing homemade foundations of flavor that really makes it an adventure.

FYI: Deep Sea Dive also offers a full dinner menu which we will be taking on later this week. You can also find them on Facebook;

IMG_1783From its website – which reminded me to mention

“Devon’s Deep Sea Dive serves organic fair trade coffee, espresso, and teas. Local and organic produce, meats, and seafood are utilized as much as possible. The menu includes several vegan and gluten-free dishes. The menu is complemented by a concise wine list featuring domestic and imported wines available by the glass and bottle, regional micro brews, and specialty cocktails. Devon’s Deep Sea Dive is also open for breakfast, serving specialty omelets, such as truffle cheese and baby spinach, pancakes, and French toast, as well as several vegan options, such as tofu scramble with oven-roasted roma tomatoes, mushrooms, and caramelized onions, and vegan French toast with fresh strawberries. Devon’s Deep Sea Dive is open May through October. During the high season (mid-June through mid-September) Devon’s Deep Sea Dive is open for breakfast and dinner seven days per week.



Devon’s Deep Sea Dive:


31 Bradford Street

Provincetown, Ma., 02657