Dinner at Devon’s


We stopped by Devon’s for dinner recently when wanting dinner before we took in one of Ryan Landry’s & the Gold Dust Orphan Sunday show Snow White and the 7 Bottoms.

While we had an early seating – from the moment we entered we were made to feel welcome without any fussiness. Devon himself was on deck that night pitching in on the floor, which added its own special energy to the place.

With a nicely diverse menu, we opted for starters of organic Chicken Liver Pate ($13), the Mizuna Lettuce with Shaved Fennel, Radish and Carrots, Shallot -Thyme Vinaigrette salad ($10) and the house special soup being offered that night, which was a melon based puree with candied cashews. The starters had that perfect blend of savory, sweet, and crunch that opens up a meal.IMG_1757 IMG_1758

For entrees, two of us went with the fresh halibut with roasted corn relish, cherry tomatoes on a bed a pepperonchini mashed potatoes.


I’m a huge fan of monk fish (aka poor mans lobster when I was a kid) so went with the Pan Seared Monkfish Medallions, Mojo Isleno Sauce, Creamy Polenta –($27) – an earthy, rustic dish that took the monk fish and paired it with a salty, spicy caper, olive and roasted pepper stew reminiscent of a puttanesca style, but with such a nice balance that it took on its own complex dimension that clearly made it its own dish. They serve is on creamy grits with the “stew” ladled around the mountain of grits like a castle surrounded by its moat.


All the dishes that night rocked our praises. Nicely portioned and with clear intentions that Devon’s and his chief is enjoys an understanding that comes from the love of blending clean fresh flavors with rustic and hearty delivery. Well worth the walk to the East End for those West Enders that never seem to get much past the Boastslip. They offer both and indoor and outdoor seating option. Heat lamps are available as well as offering a rain covers on its outside deck for those adventures souls who want to eat outside during some of Ptowns occasional showers.



401 1/2  Commercial Street

Provincetown, Ma., 02657

Call for dinner reservations

Devon’s: 508-487-4773

You can also follow them on Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/devonsrestaurant