Summer Skincare Samples from BirchBox

One of the good thing about vacations is my chance to catch up on various more personal and creatiIMG_6285ve projects. Now most of the time they involve sightseeing or eating. But a part of that time is also about catching up on my blogging on some of the “fun finds” I come across.

In the past I’ve spoken about me member with; a mail order samples membership that for a monthly fee they provide you with sample (and on occasion full size) products for face and body. Often I think the monthly is general fair, lets say around 85% of the time, but that bumps to 90% when I go on a trip, the gym or a weekend trip and need a sample or small size product. These samples are perfect for travel.

I’ve been a huge fan of one of the beard cleaners; Mr Natty Face Forrest Soap and have gone on to purchase it several times since I initially got it in my box. But being on the east coast, this summer, in the heat and humidity I found myself needing some alternatives for skill and face. This prompted me to bring out the a new product; Das Boom Everything Wash with a blend of Bay Rum, Smoke and yes “Dirt” – it’s an earthy natural scent that when use as a full body wash isn’t overpowering or floral. It also leaves your skin feeling clean and moisturized sort of a nice change after sweating and putting sunscreen on all day. I have to say – I have found another fave product ! Check the link for the other versions of the brand as well. I think the next up for me is its Bourbon & Leather Soap version.

The other product I got a chance to enjoy is Brickell’s Purifying Charcoal FaceWash. Now, be prepared – if you aren’t used to products with a charcoal component – it isn’t a white color – it, well it looks liquid grey liquid coal. But don’t let that stop you – it goes on cool and refreshing and leaves your face feeling clean, but not super dry. With its blend of Charcoal to cleanse the pores of bacteria and irritants, while natural oils dissolve the bad kind and replenishes skin with healthy ones. 

If you have yet joined Birch Box use this members share link to find out more:

Great Shakes for him and Me!

Sometimes its the little things.. Like finding a place which offers lactose free ice cream and does them as shakes!!! 

Now Paul Burke and Ralph Hyman can have Cold Stone and I can have soft serve or a shake!

Great quality, rich and creamy without the “ice” water often a side affect of non-dairy ice cream. 

Great Shakes. 160 S Palm Canyon Dr, Ste A, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Castro’s Woodhouse Fish Company

Growing up in the East Coast but living here now over 20 years, I still get a urge for a few distinct foods that I always find hard time getting here. Fried clams with the belly is one of them. So when woodhouse first moved into the neighborhood we noticed that it was on the menu right off. It’s one of the reasons we continually go back. But it had been a while, so tonight was a perfect rainy night to stop in for dinner. I have to say the super friendly staff, make it easy to be out after a long week. Food wise, we had the clam chowder and the fried belly clams for our starters tonight and they were exactly the way we craved; the chowder was rich, creamy and hot and the clams were hot, crunchy and still tasted like clams. For entrées tonight we had fish and chips and I had their grilled stuffed artichokes with small shrimp on the other side with crab on salad greens. Now, word tp the wise, it’s the kind of place where the people sitting next to you are likely to ask what you’re eating, or laughing at “overheard comments”. So f you like privacy while dining, it’s a small place. The tables are kind of close– much easier just to go and have a time of it. It often has a crowd here so plan for a wait if you go after 730 on the weekends. But go!

2073 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114

Damn sand.. not anymore with the mesh bag from @Quirky

OK so I just saw these on one of those Facebook “like” ads. The (@Quirky),  Quirky’s website is pretty simple and has a bunch of creative ideas on products. These three were the ones that caught my eye first.  They have both a tote version for both men and women (if you play gender roles) and a backpack for the kids . Summer isn’t that far off!

The “womans” version is natural with a pop of color  and the “mens” is charcoal.

Right now the woman and kids version is $20 and the men’s is $29 for mens – either prices looks worth it.