Nope. Didnt watch the game..

Was busy knocking out a new vegan recipe; spicy chilled watermelon “chili” with red pepper flakes, sauted onions, roasted pumpkin seeds, basil & ginger. The non-vegans get to top with crumbled feta.

Part 1 done. “Soup” is cooling for tomarrow when add the herbs, more diced melon and the toppings..


Breakfast From Leftovers

IMG_2309Every so often we hit a restaurant that offers us outstanding quality and enough leftovers that I know I am going to get inspired for the “morning after”.

After a recent visit to the Precidio Social Club in San Francisco for some birthday celebrations –I ended up with some of my meal as a “doggie” bag. They have on the menu an oven roasted ribeye steak for two (30oz), which while on the expensive side ($48 per person) is also some of the best beef I have ever eaten and comes with a huge amount of crisp seasoned fries


 So what to do with those left overs for Sunday breakfast?

Then I remembered a dish I had done some years back that vas a variation on Shepard’s Pie that hadIMG_2323 a potato base that crisped up.

  •  Preheat the oven to 350 or 375 degrees ( I used both and they work fine affect the cooking time)
  •  In a clear glass casserole dish (I stress clear here since when I have made version in metal pans they tend to not crisp as well)
  • Spray well with oil cooking spray
  •  Layer the French fries and gently press into place. You may want to add salt, pepper, herbs, etc if your fries aren’t spiced. (hint: Tator Tots right from the freezer work great for this recipe too!)IMG_2322

In this case I had leftover steak so spliced it up into fork sized pieces (chicken, grilled hamburger, etc all work fine – the idea is meat needs to be cooked or smoked previously) and spread them as a layer over the potatoes.

  • IMG_2325 Break up 5 – -6 eggs. I have used as many as 12 depending on the size, the number of people eating and how dense I want the dish.
  •  Add dried or fresh parsley (chopped), salt, pepper, cayenne, fine grated parmesan chees. Fork whip until incorporated.

Pour egg mixture evenly over the meat and potatoes. The way I prefer to make this is the have the egg mixture just barely hit the top of the solids. I adjust accordingly sometimes here –adding more vegetables or less egg etc.

Top with cubed or shredded cheese that you have a round – in this version I used chedder and a gouda, then sprinkle ½ – 1 cup more of grated cheese. The chees is to taste – it forms the cover of the dish as the eggs cook and the potatoes crisp.

IMG_2327 IMG_2328 Tap the dish a few times to settle any air pockets out. Add any other herbs or last minute leftovers you think will complement it.

Bake for 40 – 60 min. You want it fully set in the middle so a stick comes out clean from the egg part. Smaller portions can do this in 30 mins.

Remove from the oven, let cool a bit.


You can serve this hot from the oven or warm. I have even used this as a “go to” brunch dish and made it in glass brownie pans, making it as a savory “brownie” served more at room temp. When I do that I often like to have a salsa or pesto sauce to serve over it as a “sauce”. Once I even used left over gravy from the night before and added cheese to it while reheating to thicken it

Local 186 still rocks on

Yes – sometimes I just don’t fight it and will eat at the same place several times on a trip. I think Local 186- has become that place for me since its launch. Again this year I’ve already gone twice! Its a great place to go for lunch or dinner, with friends or a date. From its pretty stellar line of burgers to a solid assortment of salads Local 186 doesn’t disappoint. This year so far its been all about burgers with the exception of one meal when I went with a lighter side meal and opted for a Tuna Nicoise salad.IMG_1647 IMG_1648 IMG_1649

Go big when you go to Local – try something new; tackle your way through the side dishes.. you will be back. This year we’ve had so far the fried artichokes, the cheese plate (which is big enough for a meal),  and the fried avocado.

SafariScreenSnapz001 SafariScreenSnapz002


As for taste – they seem to nail it each time with the burgers – the tuna Nicoise was good and large but its blended style dressing while good – was muted and needed some sharpness in it to really pop the dish.

I also find that the service at Local is always some of the best in town,

located at:
186 Commercial St
Provincetown, MA 02657

Phone number(508) 487-7555

Relish Still knocks it out of the park

hits home and continues to bring it solid to those that make the walk to its west end location in Ptwn. Great sandwiches, salads and assorted treats. This is a sure hit with the picnic and beach set with its fast order system and “grab and go” mentality – while at the same time offering top notch take home dinner quality dishes for casual home meals. They have an assortment of dishes that should satisfy many food needs and tastes.

The Baked goods are some of my fav – the recent chocolate chip coffee cake, and its older brother espresso cake (can you see a theme here) were worth the walk alone. they can get busy at main meal times for plan ahead for when yo9u stop by on the way to the beach etc. If you are a cupcake fan – its a great place for a fix as well.

Relish offers a full line up of foods – Check out the website for whats on deck for them or to place orders.

Located at:

93 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657 –

Devon’s Deep Sea Dive

Devon’s Deep Sea Dive

We rolled into the Deep Sea Dive last year when Devon took it over from its previous incarnation. After several good breakfasts and dinners during our last stay – we knew it would once gain be on our food plan for this trip.

We tend to eat in during the busier days when the day-trippers descend on Ptown so we looked forward to our mid-week visit.

For the first visit we went for breakfast this year and once again ran into the whirling dervish himself (we had met Devon earlier in the week at his other location in the East End; Devon’s or read my comments on it here; ).


Devon was working  that morning and greeted us with a warm, cheerful welcome. The ever handsome and man about town, Chad was our waiter, presenting us with several breakfast specials in addition to it’s regular menu. After grabbing a much needed coffee for Paul and a green tea for me– we went with the house made sausage scramble special, a house made pesto, cheese and tomato omelet with homemade English muffin and a short stack of gluten free Maine blueberry buckwheat pancakes – well just becuase for that short stack!IMG_1778 IMG_1779 IMG_1780

When our meal arrived, and quickly at that, one bite and we both knew that ordering the specials were the right choice. The scramble was the perfect combination of cheesy, smoky, mild spicy gooeyness that I love in a breakfast. The omelet was light and well cooked with a filling that made each bite a complete taste.

You can always tell when someone is using a homemade recipe for pesto over a store produced one,. The home version almost always has a little extra depth that comes from using native fresh ingredients that just can’t hold the same taste in a jarred version. I love the fact that in both of Devon’s restaurants they are stressing homemade foundations of flavor that really makes it an adventure.

FYI: Deep Sea Dive also offers a full dinner menu which we will be taking on later this week. You can also find them on Facebook;

IMG_1783From its website – which reminded me to mention

“Devon’s Deep Sea Dive serves organic fair trade coffee, espresso, and teas. Local and organic produce, meats, and seafood are utilized as much as possible. The menu includes several vegan and gluten-free dishes. The menu is complemented by a concise wine list featuring domestic and imported wines available by the glass and bottle, regional micro brews, and specialty cocktails. Devon’s Deep Sea Dive is also open for breakfast, serving specialty omelets, such as truffle cheese and baby spinach, pancakes, and French toast, as well as several vegan options, such as tofu scramble with oven-roasted roma tomatoes, mushrooms, and caramelized onions, and vegan French toast with fresh strawberries. Devon’s Deep Sea Dive is open May through October. During the high season (mid-June through mid-September) Devon’s Deep Sea Dive is open for breakfast and dinner seven days per week.



Devon’s Deep Sea Dive:


31 Bradford Street

Provincetown, Ma., 02657


Dinner at Devon’s


We stopped by Devon’s for dinner recently when wanting dinner before we took in one of Ryan Landry’s & the Gold Dust Orphan Sunday show Snow White and the 7 Bottoms.

While we had an early seating – from the moment we entered we were made to feel welcome without any fussiness. Devon himself was on deck that night pitching in on the floor, which added its own special energy to the place.

With a nicely diverse menu, we opted for starters of organic Chicken Liver Pate ($13), the Mizuna Lettuce with Shaved Fennel, Radish and Carrots, Shallot -Thyme Vinaigrette salad ($10) and the house special soup being offered that night, which was a melon based puree with candied cashews. The starters had that perfect blend of savory, sweet, and crunch that opens up a meal.IMG_1757 IMG_1758

For entrees, two of us went with the fresh halibut with roasted corn relish, cherry tomatoes on a bed a pepperonchini mashed potatoes.


I’m a huge fan of monk fish (aka poor mans lobster when I was a kid) so went with the Pan Seared Monkfish Medallions, Mojo Isleno Sauce, Creamy Polenta –($27) – an earthy, rustic dish that took the monk fish and paired it with a salty, spicy caper, olive and roasted pepper stew reminiscent of a puttanesca style, but with such a nice balance that it took on its own complex dimension that clearly made it its own dish. They serve is on creamy grits with the “stew” ladled around the mountain of grits like a castle surrounded by its moat.


All the dishes that night rocked our praises. Nicely portioned and with clear intentions that Devon’s and his chief is enjoys an understanding that comes from the love of blending clean fresh flavors with rustic and hearty delivery. Well worth the walk to the East End for those West Enders that never seem to get much past the Boastslip. They offer both and indoor and outdoor seating option. Heat lamps are available as well as offering a rain covers on its outside deck for those adventures souls who want to eat outside during some of Ptowns occasional showers.



401 1/2  Commercial Street

Provincetown, Ma., 02657

Call for dinner reservations

Devon’s: 508-487-4773

You can also follow them on Facebook;

Now I wish this was around years ago

Seems that Coppertone has launched a new line of sunscreen products that cater to yet one more niche consumer; those of us with tattoos. In retrospect – this shouldn’t have been rocket science – many of us knew we needed or wanted a skin cover up – but never thought about a special blend.