Bringing back the memories with a roar

Don’t hate me. But yes I’m a huge fan.

When I was a kid my dad used to work a full day shift in his job either as a police officer or later on as his role with the local animal shelter. For most of our lives he also worked a second job. Sometimes the only time I would see him was when I woke up after being put to bed and slip downstairs around midnight after he had gotten home.

We would sit in the dark watching Godzilla, Creature Feature and other science-fiction movies while eating sticks of pepperoni with whatever bread was handy.

It’s sort of pre-date this new concept of the man cave. Cut or slice ? why bother when we had our teeth, it was by bite, pull and chew.

Eventually we would hear my mother wake up and from the top of the stairs she would “whisper-yell”, calling down, Sonny, Sonny; send him (me) to bed. Which would cause us to roll our eyes back while looking at each other and laugh; eventually he would send me up to bed.

I still think somewhere in my mothers house is an original Godzilla model that we put together


Castro’s Caffiene Boost or Bust?

It amuses me after a huge nieghborhood refit, some of which I still scratch my head over ( for instance–why add changing lighting features under high placed direct white street lights?? Maybe Im missing something but I don’t see what the effect is other that pad a lighting contract since you can’t see the effect) . So what do we do? Let’s add more caffiene!

Really, we have a robust offering of coffee options in the castro these days with more coming down the trail.

Recently open and joining the “hipster chic” offerings of Revielle, (4076 18th St) and Espressamente Illy Cafe (2349 Market st) is the new sparten Hearth (3985 17th street) sitting nestled between Local Take and Wild Card, near Orphan Andys.

Next up to open is the new Weavers, next door to Fitness SF and set to open on Friday December 10th in time for the early morning gym go’ers. Catch them today offering free samples!

These now supplement the already in place houses including the Castro Coffee Company, Eureka ( 451 Castro Street), La Taza ( 4230 18th street) , Peets ( 2257 Market street) and Spikes (4117 19th street).

Word is that Philzs coffee will move it’s 4023 18th street location soon to the 500 block of Castro as well.

So.. now the question that comes to my mind is how will the Castro caffinate its retail offerings and “decaf” the rents.

Nice to see that even around the holidays and B roll into them some old traditional’s are being remade dairy free!

I think over the years when you aren’t a big dairy person because of the way it makes you feel – we still do miss some of those occasional high-fat rich, dairy flavors.

Luckily we’ve seen an increase in almond and coconut-based products over the last four years. This year seems to be a hot year because there’s at least 5 to 8 different manufacturers were making either coconut-based or almond-based products for those that don’t want dairy or soy.
Since october they’ve rolled into the season offerings with pumpkin, eggnog and mint chocolate themes from the traditional Safeway in Cala tower market to even specialty groceries like whole foods.

I’m thinking that this could be a fun season — in fact some of these I’ve cooked with and exchanged them for cream or dairy-based products. IMG_2942.JPG



A New “Palace” Has Risen

We love to try places that pals recommend and sometimes think the adventure of eating is trying something new without a lot of research into the “spot”. Recently my Pal Brad turned me on to a old local place that has a new Chef and concept meal that was worth checking out.


Starting the night with Cavier



Now this is an adult grilled cheese – add sweetbreads!


A cool, herby soup with butter soft salmon


How you go wrong with Mushrooms and Chirizo


Succulent beef


Now this “stew” rock and rolled

The Palace in San Francisco was known as a Steakhouse in the mission. Located on Mission and Caesar Chavez –I had driven by it for years but never really knew much about it or if it was even open.

It seems owner/chef Manny Torres Gimenez of the former Mr Pollo fame and his with Katerina decided a cool new slant with one thing only – a 5 course tasting menu with fresh quality ingredients, that offer the blended creativeness of its two owners.


… and a bright, crisp finish

While some of the professional food critics think its quirkiness is odd – I found it charming. I liked to simple and easy way they made creative food accessible. With little staff they carefully arrange the reservations to flow, can adapt to special feed issues with grace and they beam as the Chef comes to the table with each course letting you in on that nights secrete delights. Much has been posted on line from SFGate, & so find out more won’t be a hard sell.

The 5 course savory menu is $50 and well worth it. We left full, and satisfied while we also felt like we didn’t have to rush, could enjoy the time and our friends.

  • 3047 Mission St
  • San Francisco, CA 94110 
b/t 26th St & Capp St in Mission
  • Get Directions
  • Phone number
(415) 666-5218